For sale: Soundtracs frankenstein mixer

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Hello all,

only my second ever post and I feel a bit of a chump going straight in with a 'for sale' thread, but this is the one forum where I thought it might be of some interest to someone out there, so SOZ for spamming the board but hopefully someone out there might be interested Smile

Long story cut short...

I had a Soundtracs PC Midi 24 mixing desk, which was great but it was fucking massive. Now, the Soundtracs is constructed in a really nice modular format, so I realised it might be possible to reduce the footprint of the desk a little bit..

So I got my jigsaw out and cut it to bits. And reassembled it into a very wonky looking, but most importantly -functional- smaller desk.

But now I come to a point where sadly I have to let go of this wonky piece of DIY.. basically we've a kid on the way and the studio/nursery just isnt big enough for a baby and a dubiously customised mixing desk. It's smaller than it was but its still quite a beast.

So anyway before I strip all the modules out and sell them separately, I thought i'd see if anyone was interested in the desk as it is Grin

the current spec is:

8 mono channels (mic/line)
4 band eq with 2 semi parametric mids
4 aux sends
aux input channel with an additional 4 line inputs (with hi/lo eq and aux sends)

its a nice sounding desk, honest. it's got guts!

but of course its apearance is a little startling, no meterbridge, everything just about bolted together, sawn off edges, bit of board screwed on the underside, its not without quirks! One issue is that fader 7+8 seem to currently have their solo and mute buttons tied together (this isnt right!). I am sure a little poke around with the looms would fix this.

So its by no means perfect, but its quite raw, and sounds decent enough.. and it would be more fun to sell is as it is rather than strip it totally down and sell off limb by limb.

I'm open to any not-totally-piss-taking offers Grin

Desk is in Brighton and would need collecting in person.

thanks alot for reading, peeps Wink

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