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Ok so I checked out UAD and absolutely fell in love with the whole concept... but then I was destroyed when I found out that iMac does not have a way to put in a PCI card (unless I am wrong in which case I would be extremely happy).

So since I cannot use UAD should I save up and push myself into the world of TC Powercore or should I just stick with psp, ozone 4 and voxengo plugs (is powercore much of an upgrade from those or not really worth it?)

also is there an interface or something I can buy that I can install a PCI card... I already run my monitors through M-Audio Firewire Solo

thank you in advance
also when it comes to Liquid Mix how accurate are the compressor emulations...
I cant imagine one compressor emulating with many settings accuretly
Having owned a Liquid Mix, I can't say it impressed me that much. Powercore, I can't really comment. There's lots of threads on here about both of these, so see what a search turns up.

I gather here the theme here is offloading the processing? Your other option might be the V-Machine. Me, I'm very tempted by the Muse Receptor at the moment. Probably overkill, but that's generally how I roll.

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