Chris Inperspective live from Autopsy 31-07-09

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Click the link below then click the blue download arrow towards the bottom of the page


1. Aspect & Gremlinz - The Gavel (Dub)
2. Outrage & Amit - Recliam
3. Aspect & Gremlinz - Upset
4. Digital - Dirty Money (Amit+Outrage Rmx)
5. Dj Future - We are Not!
6. Chris INP - Just Being
7. Chris INP - Brett's Ex
8. Chris INP - Terminal
9. Chris INP - Cariacou
10. Dub One - Pressure of 10000 - Soothsayer
11. Chris INP - Biffy's not Here - INP Digital
12. Chris INP - Rather Be
13. Macc & dgoHn - Wossat - Inperspective
14. October - Elepahnts - Immerse
a mix by the chef himself, has been a while
on the download
[Image: sp1001TheReturnOfChef1.jpg]
The latest tunes on Chris's soundcloud are sounding great Xyxthumbs
nice one Xyxthumbs
this mix has got some darkness in it

[Image: Darth%20Chef.jpg]
[Image: 2879095778_8a682a8e3c.jpg?v=0]
beats are there to be broken
noisemonkey Wrote:[Image: 2879095778_8a682a8e3c.jpg?v=0]

^^^THAT ALBUM!!! Grin

I thought he only mixed when he made smoothies Teef
Bookmarked Xyxthumbs
on the d/l, love his selections Smile
Really enjoyed this one.
been chinning this one in work today, along with the Mpod 4 mix of his, absolutely spot on......

really, really love his style of writing, strong trademark sounds etc but also a unique vibe to his stuff - always has that 'rough round the edges' production, loads of energy and simple structural ideas that just work. what an absolute prick. Hahaha
mix looks tight as fuck. getting now.
respects to chris!


This looks good.....interested also, to see how chris' new material is sounding.....

we don't hear much from that man these days....

Whatever happened to Inperspective? Will there be any more releases?

Ming Wrote:13. Macc & dgoHn - Wossat - Inperspective

Terminal! Lovesmilie
niice tunes!
dubstep promoter
Nice one!

Wicked t/l

amit and outrage remix of dirty money is straight fiiiiire!
I dubbed the sheriff
this somehow slipped by my tentacles. on it Grin
Ming Wrote:Macc & dgoHn - Wossat - Inperspective
Raw, and an obvious kind of tune to make, yet I still don't think I've heard much like this in d&b.

koe Wrote:joke
Apparantly Inperspective is coming back. I'll believe it when I see it as well. But plans are afoot, I'm told. (Dunno if that's what you were referring to by 'joke').
Hovver Wrote:a unique vibe to his stuff - always has that 'rough round the edges' production, loads of energy and simple structural ideas that just work.

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