how to make a drum and bass song in 5 minutes

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was looking around on pirate bay on ebooks when i stumbled on to this.. its virusfree and is done with fruityloops. audiosample included ....
maybe SOME GOOD ADVICE IN HERE for some people :P
Lol post up the pdf pls (don't have torrent)
here it is Grin

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at least they say 170 is a nice tempo Smile
actually if you don't mind entertaining my poor pirating skills some more, can you sendspace me the wavs? i want to see if i can "remix" the loops into something interesting Smile
its not loops, its the mixdown. u want that?
titanium Wrote:its not loops, its the mixdown. u want that?

nah, i thought it came with the 4 or so loops mentioned in the pdf. maybe i'll fish up this "free" sample pack they came from. thanks Smile
how to make a drum and bass song in 5 minutes?

ask dillinja he can make 3 in 5 Teef

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