Best tune you've heard all day.

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Catching Big | Brave live earlier this week was fantastic!

The band publicly thank their touring sound tech at the end of the show. I agree. AMAZING clear sound. The kick drum shook my chest. You can hear the nuances in the drones & feedback. Swell job on delivering the sounds live. Loud as fuck, but my ears weren't punished. That's a compliment to the band's sound tech for sure!

The drone was beautiful. So good.

01 Carvers, Farriers And Knaves 0:00
02 The One Who Bornes A Weary Load 06:53
03 My Hope Renders Me A Fool 16:08
04 The Fable Of Subjugation 20:55
05 A Parable Of The Trusting 30:16
06 The Ten Of Swords 39:35

Double O - Corsica Groove

Multi-instrumentalist Takuya Nakamura is renowned for playing the trumpet over live electronic sets, in which he blends elements of techno, reggae, dub, drum and bass, classical and jazz. Born in Japan and based in New York, Nakamura has been recording and performing across the past three decades, though his recent sets on Brooklyn’s Lot Radio have showcased his skills as a selector to fresh audience. - July 2023
Heard this in a Fjaak mix.


Kahn & Neek "Lupus et Ursus" lp.

Brooding, gothic & desolate in appeal.  Definite AOTY list worthy in my books.

I hear a Source Direct sample in "Bastards", am I correct?

Props to soundmon Zeu5!

Zeu5 - Pure Vinyl set 15 (Deep House, Deep/Tech, Dub Techno) - September 2023


00:00:00 intro
00:00:19 Omar S and L’Renee - S.E.X. (Conant Gardens Posse Remix)
00:04:52 Onsulade - Mr. President
00:06:56 DJ Aakmael - Smoothie (Norm Talley Remix)
00:10:00 Romar - Edge of times
00:14:47 Lola Palmer - Stay
00:18:15 Ortella - Track for Aya
00:22:43 Steven aint leavn - Quins
00:26:38 Kellee - My love (Ralphie Rosario Remix)
00:30:23 2Shy - Loop Service
00:33:04 Steve Bug - A night like this (Octave One Remix)
00:37:47 Basic Bastard - Rise (Detroit Dub)
00:43:02 Dilby & Pornbugs - Lobha
00:48:20 R.Hz - Spectrum (Basicnoise Remix)

2x Technics SL 1210 MK2
2x Ortofon Concorde Pro
Allen&Heat Xone 23
Sennheiser HD 25
I played that a couple of weeks ago

Yes! ^^  Heard it again in a very good GLR / LGR / Nexus / 720 retrospective mix earlier this week. Stand out Q Project tune indeed!  Refreshing to hear this era again. Well curated mix if you haven't heard it.

Nicholas Morne mixcloud link:

Motiv One, "Loop Progression" in the mix as well.  So good. Before all the Twisted Anger drama right? heh.


The Lana Del Rabies stuff is as amazing as they say. "Strega Beata" lp.  Definite 2023 AOTY list inclusion for sure!

I like the Dead Can Dance, drone, pop industrial angles. Well done. Props to Wave Particle 23 youtube channel for the Cold Waves Fest, Chicago live clip this past week.

(27th September 2023, 16:03)Statto Wrote:

^^ I very much recall the Meat Beat Manifesto cover. Good stuff.
^^ the original is much better - just listen to that guitar!

00:00 Microwave
00:29 Human Greenhouse
07:53 Flesh Market
14:37 Cop Show
23:04 Divine Violence
33:08 Atrocity Machine
Room of Wires do great things!  This mix is fab.

INDEx Mix #14 - Room of Wires


Back to Fail - Proem

Euphoricore - Room of Wires
Howl - Rival Consoles
Guardian 2 - Lorn
Agen - Patten

Corra Linn - Lanark Artefax
Chariv Canopy - Loess
2112 Crescent Heights - Yasume
Sparrow - Mira Calix
Landstrasse 2020 - Hainbach

Rival Dealer - Burial

Silent Lines - Room of Wires

And yes, as featured in the mix, Lanark Artefax "Corra Linn" (2019) is superb as well.

^^ Was just listening to Narratives Music Podcast 003 by Escher. HIghlight within the mix for sure!

Amazing atmos.

0:00 - The ITS Way
0:49 - Mindful Solutionism
4:24 - Infinity Fill Goose Down
7:57 - Living Curfew
11:49 - Pigeonometry
15:21 - Kyanite Toothpick
19:29 - 100 Feet Tall
23:44 - Salt and Pepper Squid
27:56 - Time Moves Differently Here
31:44 - Aggressive Steven
37:03 - Bermuda
40:20 - By The River
42:59 - All City Nerve Map
46:54 - Forward Compatibility Engine
50:46 - On Failure
52:46 - Solid Gold
55:11 - Vititus
59:19 - Black Snow


Unfinished Screams 
Jeephead Shaman 
Wakare Michi 
Y.S. Tangled In Tokyo 

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