Best tune you've heard all day.

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not a tune as such...

best version ever
Rebekah [hybrid] at Intercell x Rebekah Invites | ADE 2023
Date | 20/10/2023
Location | H7 Warehouse, Amsterdam


something else...

^^ Yesterday's morning soundtrack for work:

The Cure - Carnage Visors
Ministry - Filth Pig lp
Kfactor - Perpetual Mind Control lp
New Order - Movement lp
Modern Conveniences Modcast - Episode 009 with Loomis

Fitting and moody.
Did you notice that it was my recording? Smile
Ah yes, within the comments. Cheers! How many people were at the gig then? heh.
"Sessuale II" could have been an Adam F track circa "Colours", or a tune on a GLR / Earth compilation.

Direct Inject 00:00
So Mote it Be 05:52
Bodies in the Flotsam 10:43
Kamichi & Sandy 13:39
Sessuale II 18:38
Improvise Adapt Overcome 2:507
The Post-Atomic Horror 28:36
Insurmountable Odds 31:25
Sessuale I 37:19
(22nd March 2024, 11:58)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Ah yes, within the comments. Cheers!  How many people were at the gig then?  heh.

Not very many. I wasn't at all surrounded with my tape recorder.

New Order weren't announced in advance. It was only their second gig and they were still trying things out (such as Peter Hook on vocals). They asked Larry (S25) to get the the tape off me afterwards so they could listen to it. I did get it back later.

0:00 Takashi Kokubo - 森の目覚め
4:06 Susumu Yokota - Hagoromo
7:52 Marc Cary - Rhodes Ahead Intro
10:07 Autechre - Altibzz
13:40 Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Beluga's Song
18:03 Aphex Twin - Lichen
21:11 Oneohtrix Point Never - Physical Memory
23:11 Kareem Lotfy - FR3SH
26:55 Biosphere - Chukhung
28:33 Leila - Underwaters
31:27 OCA - Heaven Cent
34:49 Visible Cloaks - Screen
38:01 Jaco Pastorius - Solo (with Joni Mitchell)
41:10 Iury Lech - Barreras
46:44 Cliffdiver - Digital Dreams

industrial recorder music ftw

The Lions And The Cucumber  0:00
Psycho Contact, Part One  5:08
There Is No Satisfaction  6:41
Psycho Contact, Part Two  9:51
The Message  11:29
Psycho Contact, Part Three  14:50
Ghosts Or Good And Bad Onions  16:24
Psycho Contact, Part Four  20:52
Countdown To Nowhere  22:23
Psycho Contact, Part Five  24:49
Droge CX 9  26:13
Always a pleasure!

Multi Death Clan–Slavery
Delta 9–Mortified
Outlaw (3)–X-Terror
Delta 9–Infidel
Titanium Steel Screws–Next
Temper Tantrum–I Get The Coke
Nukom–Raise Your Hands
Industrial Terror Squad–Nightmare
Industrial Terror Squad–Unbelievable
Industrial Terror Squad–Da Basdardz Are Back
The Berzerker–Final Sacrifice
Temper Tantrum–Sandstorm Of Strength
^^ The Berzerker

“Tell Me Something Good”
“What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me”
“Sweet Thing”
“Through the Fire”
“Ain’t Nobody”
“I’m Every Woman”

Chaka Khan: lead vocals
Melvin Davis: bass, musical direction
Jesse Milliner: keys
Rob Bacon: guitar
Euro Zambrano: percussion
Jay Williams: drums
Audrey Wheeler-Downing: vocals
Tiffany Smith: vocals
Trina Broussard: vocals

1. Temple Of Victory 00:00
2. Survival 05:20
3. Devotion 08:10
4. Liberty 10:28
5. Discipline 12:36
6. Retribution 17:58
7. Guilded Cage / Sanctuary 19:52
8. Vacant Paradise 25:23
9. Idolatry 28:22
10. Contempt 31:34

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