Hip Hop + Drum & Bass done well

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Code Wrote:I liked that Goldie & KRS One collaboration on the Saturn Returnz album too "Digital".

I love this tune. The way the bassline lazily comes in around half way through the tune is smile worthy every time.
Catastrophe Wrote:I'll have a look around for the Rockwell thing, he's doing some great things at the moment.

rockwell & stapleton - patrol the block

20.17 into this mix


having had a another listen its aint as good as i first thought. wicked beat though (imo). v chilled. not really hip-hop as such, just a d&b track with mc vocals over the top.....
you know what? in 2014, when you think about hip-hop & dnb colliding in more than just production influences, it is pretty hard to find the perfect marriage of the two. jungle brought on hip-hop samples, funk, and the like, and then dnb turned out many remixes, and a few original mc'd productions - some already mentioned in the thread here - as apposed to just a dnb edit of a hip-hop tune.

because the tunes were made to drop in a dj set, i don't think of dnb hip-hop remixes as much more as party tunes. so its difficult to see the results as much more as novelty tracks, as they usually have been. this far on, it is a dated fusion, imo. altho, i definitely still like the odd tune here and there myself.

HIVE all day, as mentioned. I was huuuge into his early lps too. In essence, I think instrumental dnb examples did a much better job of translating hip-hop influences than vocal tunes. imo anyway.

there's this too, faster bpm:

When I Was just starting out as a DJ in 2000 the following Track was one of my earliest records, and I rinsed that one out quite regularly:

Listening to it again now after years if not a decade hearing it the last time I gotta say, I still like it. It definitely got some energy.
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Just remembered this one, was pretty big back in the day...

^^ I like the majority of that tune. original style for sure. I think rather than rely on a tune to carry the vibe, I really liked the odd dj who would actually drop sets with hip-hop records AND jungle / dnb, building that vibe straight from the decks. presentation wise, that's where the translation really happened. I enjoyed that quite a bit when I would hear it. You might hear some of that style in a jungle set now (??), depending on the dj, but otherwise, you don't hear it much at all.

when its good, i definitely appreciate it for sure as mentioned. some people might say that hip-hop translated better with dubstep and of course grime, but breaks are still what its about. I still keep a lighter up for the jungle/dnb side of things tho.

better than most. remember this?

^^ that's as close to a spot on fusion as you'll find, imo. had to dig in the memory for that tho. Mo Wax, 1996.
the Dillinja hip-hop mix

Not Hip Hop in the strict sense, but I think it fits in here:

Krust and Soul Williams "Coded Language" (1999)

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firefinga Wrote:Not Hip Hop in the strict sense, but I think it fits in here:

Krust and Soul Williams "Coded Language" (1999)

^ just what I was thinking about posting whie scrolling down. But it 100% IS hiphop imo just not the commercialised rap bollox everyone expects hiphop to mean these days.
Amoss feat. DRS - Bleed It on Horizons Music is pretty good as an MC techstep-leaning track.
Selection of some rap + drum'n'bass tunes: http://8tracks.com/widzhit/drum-n-rap
even though there's no hip hop vocals or whatever, I think this qualifies Smile

Fits here well too I think:

Roni Size "Dirty Beats"

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From the current album "Innervision" by Om Unit on Metalheadz:

"The War" (feat. Jehst)

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Oddisee "The Good Fight" lp, just dropped this past week.

dnb break style tempos on a couple of the tunes. done right!

recent 6blocc joints. Nice balance of elements.


[Image: a1547181998_10.jpg]
There was also this Jeru vs Dillinja thing Smile

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I'm catching up on bits of Ewun's catalog here & there. I don't mind these tunes from the "Wun Nation" e.p. (Evol Intent, 2008 )

Ewun also did the weird Ludachrist mashup thing a few years ago. Remember when Girl Talk was all the rage? .. Ludachrist was doing it too. heh.


- Super sharpshooter - Ganja Cru
- A Brown Paper Milli - Roni Size vs. Lil Wayne
- SFX - The Upbeats
- Torpedo (tease) - BCUK
- My Name Is Fame - Ewun
- SMASH - Evol Intent, Ewun, and The Upbeats
- Screw Up (Upbeats remix) - Ewun
- Champion Sound (Evol Intent edit) - Q Project
- Gunpowder Plot - Evol Intent
- The Nine (evol intent edit) - BCUK
- Messiah overload - Konflict vs. Computer Club vs. Le Castle Vania vs. Spor vs. Noisia
- Flipside (spor remix WIP) - Evol Intent vs. Blip
- Punish Me In The Middle Of The Night - Evol Intent vs. Dom and Roland
- Timewar - Evol Intent & Eye-D
- Ghost Town (Evol Intent remix) - Shiny Toy Guns
- Levitate Videotapes to Arm Ravens - Apex, Evol Intent, Ewun, Spor vs. Cypher Linguistics vs. Proxy
- I know you want me (evol intent edit) - Pitbull
- Calm Foreword - AC Slater vs. Evol Intent vs. Messinian
- The Rapture - Evol Intent & Ewun
- Real Deadline - Evol Intent & Arsenic vs. Digital
- Glock Party - Evol Intent
- 8 Bit Bitch (Spor Remix) - Evol Intent & Ewun
- Binge Drinker - the Upbeats
- Odd Number - Evol Intent & Ewun feat. Vicious Circle
- H.A.L. - SebastiAn (tease)
- I got 5 on it - Luniz
- Natural Born Killaz - Dr. Dre feat. Ice Cube
- Street Knowledge live edit - Evol Intent
- Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent remix) - Pish Posh
- Binary Calling - Evol Intent & Ewun vs. Tech Itch & Kemal vs. Binary Finary
- The Reward is Cheese (Evol Intent edit) - Deadmau5
- Reality Check - Evol Intent & Ewun
- Bloody Halos - Evol Intent vs. Ewun
- Dead On Arrival - Evol Intent
- Get Your Glitchez On - Evol Intent vs. Missy Elliot
- Dead Wrong with a Double Glock (live edit) - Evol Intent vs. Notorious B.I.G.
- Horns 2009 (evol Intent edit) - Future Cut
- Maybe The Curtain Will Fall Tomorrow - Evol Intent vs. Sound Of Animals Fighting
R.A.W / 6Blocc for the win... again!

fun listen for sure Smile


[Image: a3282086677_10.jpg]


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