Worst tune you've heard all day.

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Please remember, you don't have to click on "play"...
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Music critic for the Tally Ho
worst whole LP I've heard all day...

Simply dreadful. King's X - Out of the Silent Planet was so laughably bad I couldn't get through it, but it didn't offend my ears like this Evanescence excrescence. The lyrics are utterly vacuous shite, even by the usual dire standards of rock lyrics. Appalling appalling music Thumbd
and that's pretty much the definition of a bad record...
i.e. when you don't just think "rubbish" and forget about it, you have to go and tell people how rubbish it is.

What happens to good records Teef

just wow.   

Hahaha Hahaha
LCD Soundsystem - American Dream

the entire LP is just dreadful Thumbd
i mean.. 

the aesthetic is...  

Dare I ask, how you came to know of this? hehe
^^  my youtube history went something like this:

- Nardwaur vs. Smokepurpp interview
- Das EFX - Baknaffek music video
- various Digable Planets clicks
- Del The Funky Homosapien & Lady Bug Mecca freestyle on Sway In The Morning
- Deltron 3030 - What's In My Bag?
- NEW Del & Amp Live - Wheel of Fortune ... lp set to drop April 2018 http://www.delandamplive.com/
- then Leftcheek Rightcheek appeared in the youtube recommendations & I clicked.

true story.   Teef

"Gettin' Rich bitch!"  

Laibach - The Sound of Music covers

Icon_eek Lol Roll
my own, lol
Sorry Migos.   this tune is 3 mins too long.

hearing it in the car was painful.    


"Gettin Rich bitch!"   

Random radio play again last night..

I couldn't deal with it.  

...run away.. run away.. 

I heard this walking around Ikea this afternoon.

I never knew this song existed.    I was thoroughly unimpressed.

On second thought, this could easily be a Black Eyed Peas tune. 

(18th January 2018, 10:40)Statto Wrote: LCD Soundsystem - American Dream

the entire LP is just dreadful Thumbd

Chin    Still objective myself, but I haven't heard an entire LCD lp beginning to end, just odds & ends on the radio.  As posted elsewhere, I do like "All My Friends" .
Any "dance remix" of U2  With or Without You  is UNNECESSARY

Worse?  the most shite dance remix COVER of "With or Without You" .  omfg.

Just hearing it pissed me off soooo much.

Soooo bad.  Any and all of it. 

Heard a random horrid cover dance version while waiting in line for my take out dinner last night. I was so angry at the SHIT they were listening too. lol.  I was verbally airing my disgust. Irate.  I couldn't deal with it. 

For real.   Cuss Cuss Cuss
You all need to do some catching up

^^ Leftcheek Rightcheek might not be a duo anymore. One of them was pregnant in their music videos along the way.

Life happens right?

I hate the intro to "Come Sail Away"


Not their most flattering work.

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