Worst tune you've heard all day.

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I heard the less-neuro dnb version of this today on a coworker's playlist.

It is entirely unnecessary. There's seemingly enough variety in the remix versions from over the years tho.

REM and 4/4 beats.

This was brought to my attention today.

And I heard this on the radio this afternoon.

I'm intrigued that John Travolta has music outside Grease and the Scientology albums. I guess it makes sense that in his 70's heyday, "singer" was on his resume too. Outside of Grease, nobody talks about this:

I was recommended this today. 

How much did Lady Saw get paid for this? lol

Lady Saw is still providing the usual during this era, as it is more of a Lady Saw tune in the end. but.. wow.  Freaky collaboration indeed. 

Seagal singingg ".. ital breeze.."  lol 


I still have the vinyl release. It took me a couple of decades to clue into DRS's line.. ".. more pain than a backyard abortion.." lol

Wow. Was this a joke tune? The dichotomy throws it all off. A rather bizarre release in retrospect. If it was a Cannibal Corpse tune or something it would completely make sense right? ha.

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