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Filth Columnist Podcast 01

01. J G Ballard interview segment on Crash.
02. Thorns Ltd. sound piece for Banks Violette Church Sculpture.
03. Jodorowsky, Trance Mutation, Holy Mountain Soundtrack.
04. Peter Brotzmann, Responsible 2nd Take, Machine Gun.
05. Pink Floyd, Interstellar Overdrive, Relics.
06. Demons, Firewalk, Evocation.
07. The Who, Boris The Spider, A Quick One.
08. The Fall, Powderkex, 0161 (SKAM).
09. Hair Police, Gay Reasons.
10. Sunn O))), It took the night to believe, Black One.
11. Professor Broxburn, Flat Slab, 0161 (SKAM).
12. Kevin Drumm, Guillain-Barre, Imperial Distortion.
13. Nate Young, Untitled, Regression.
14 .Wolf Eyes, The Driller, Human Animal.
15. SPK, Germanik, No More.
16. Merzbow, Part 4, Noisembryo - Psycho-Analytic Study Of Coital Noise Posture.
17. Whitehouse, Coitus, Birthdeath Experience.
18. William S Burroughs, Uranian Willy (Re Write).
19. Sunn O))), The Gates of Ballard, White One.
20. Dark Noerd, Smokin' Husks, Gummo Soundtrack.
21. Dom & Roland, Kinetic, Industry.
22. Yellow Swans, Descent 2, Descension.
23. Spykes???
24. Magik Markers, Infinite Regress, For Sada Jane.
25. John Zorn, Equinox, Moonchild.
26. Closed Circuits, The Drift, Closed Circuits.
27. Coil, Are You Shivering, Musick to play in the dark.
28. Sleep, Dopesmoker, Dopesmoker.

Filth Columnist Podcast 2

01. Stewart Home, The True Blue Confessions Of Larry O'Hara, Spookbuster!
02. Spine Scavenger, Va-t-en Side 1
03. Bobby Beausoleil, Lucifer Rising, Pt. 4, Licifer Rising OST
04. Toshi Ichyanagi, Ichyanagi
05. Aaron Dilloway, Live Untitled
06. Ragnar Grippe, Musique Douze
07. Throbbing Gristle, Six Six Sixties, 20 Jazz Funk Greats
08. Demons, Empty Being, Invisible Darkness
09. Failing Lights, Untitled, The Graveyard is Haunted
10. Wolf Eyes, Untitled, AA Records Compilation LP Volume One
11. The Ex, Symfonie voor machines, 30 years of The Ex Disc 2
12. Whitehouse, Bahnhof, Racket
13. Pauline Oliveros, I of IV
14. Carlos Suarez, Nosce te ipsum, Tori no Kaigi [ yon ]
15. SPK, Contact, Auto Da Fe
16. Merzbow, Noisembryo Part 4, Noisembryo
17. Kevin Drumm, Untitled, Untitled Album
18. William S Burroughs, Nothing Here Now But The Recordings
19. Incapacitants, Apoptosis, As Loud As Possible
20. Demons, Deviation, Invisible Darkness
21. Sunn O))), Ash on the trees (Nurse With Wound Remix), The Iron Soul of Nothing
22. Mika Vainio, Kouhei Matsunaga & Sean Booth, Part 2, 3. Telepathics meh in-sect connection
23. Imaginary Forces, Side A1 Awaken, Tape 05
24. Coded Sleep, g_r(f(A),f(B)) = f©, Electroscopic
25. Pan Sonic, Vahentaja Diminisher, Kesto
26. Autechre, Move Of Ten, Cep puiqMX
27. Russell Haswell, Maquette Augmentation
28. Mika Vainio & Lucio Capece, Tolmavuo, Trahnie
29. Autechre, Fol4, Quaristice
30. Swans, Her Mouth Is Filled With Honey, Soundtracks for the Blind (Copper Disc)
31. Religious Knives, In The Back, Resin
32. Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic, Che, Suicide Covers Series

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