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As you may or may not be aware we've been given a slot on Noisemonster.fm for a radio show between 8-10 every Thursday, which we'll be taking turns between the Bristol and London boys to try outdo each other.

We've had a show each now, which have both been archived.

11/11/10 - Jungle Syndicate Bristol Faction
A little bit of Sketch b2b Tiny Taste to start things off, digging out lots of classics, followed by a little bit of jiggery pokery/poetry styles with Resinate and M J Hulley Jr, with a little bit of silliness on the mic by Resinate. Apologies for the issues with the stream, bit of technical difficulties.

18/11/10 - Jungle Syndicate London
Sargy starting things off with an old skool jungle vibe for the first hour followed by a bit of Raggamuffin for the remaining, sorted out the technical difficulties as well (apart from the repeat at the beginning)

Enjoy! Smile
Nice little mix from the Bristol boys set of their radio show last night, featuring a guest mix from fellow local Bristol DJ LX.


I'm very sure you guys will recognise the first two vinyls Sketch plays, which makes me very happy as he has been waiting on them for a while, and now he finally has them, just in time to bring them along for the free party! You can catch Sketch b2b Tiny Taste at 12:30 - 01:30 at the Jungle Syndicate free party @ Rhythm Factory tomorrow (Saturday 27th November). Resinate sadly won't be able to make it as he has been booked to play in Bristol although this will be the first time newcomer Doomham plays out in room 2 at 12:00 - 01:00

Next week the show will be back with the London boys, you can tune in at noisemonster.fm 8-10pm gmt Thursday.

Nice show yesterday from Ragga and Sargy

An extended set from Ragga of what he would have played last Saturday if he had had a little more time… lots of quality tracks in this one including a few dubs from mateys. Nice little set from Sargy as well. Ragga very quiet on the mic last night, probs not the best vibes to get ridiculously stoned just before going on air lol

Back to the Bristol boys next week, 8-10 pm GMT at noisemonster.fm

And don't forget Antidote, Relapse, Sams Myth and more tonight from 11pm at Jungle Syndicate at the Croft in Bristol.
Bristol Boys set up from yesterday

Nice set from Sketch starting things off, with 2:G on after that… then a delve into some manic breakcore from Tiny Taste and finishing with an amen mashup from Doomham.

Excuse the 20 minutes missing, there was a few technical difficulties, which also explains the lack of mic action

Last nights mix up featuring our good friend (and quick becoming one of our residents) Big Sam and his awesome vinyl collection. Massive apologies but we had a little difficulty getting started last night and then half way through Big Sams set we got massive cuts, we did all we could about it but it took a while before it worked. I blame it all on Virgin Broadband... We also forgot to get a recording via the source so we'll have to invite Big Sam back again - definitely!

Also Sargy's set was minus 1 controller (couldn't fix it as the stream was running through his ableton), but still a banging set (check the Champa track he starts with, absolute beauty)

Not the smoothest of shows, but a banger all the same!

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