old skool for da raverz....

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(8th September 2019, 08:57)firefinga Wrote: I didn't know there was a "proper" video for this Smile

^^ visuals were a very important part of the trip lol.  Perhaps a thread topic in itself?  ha.
I don't recall seeing many of these early Maldini tunes in my local shops @ the time - new or used.  I do recognize the Deep Cover "Night Crawlers" tune from the 1997 Renegade Hardware "Renegade Continuum" mix cd that I was obsessed with back then. 

Nice finds.



"No Turning Back", then rocked on local mixtapes. DOPE tune, sounds great now, imo. Pitched up, the tune is hella aggressive. 



Some of the selections were obvious here. I did guess Decoder as well before Peshay "Miles from Home". doh!


Quite decent 4-tracker of new rave music, this. From Adelphi label, which normally specialises in big room house and old school.

Just stumbled across this release recently. Nice Darkness tune, which never showed up in the playlists.

Also released on a one sided 10" Plate 

Music critic for the Tally Ho

LTJ Bukem - Techno 1 (Studio Mix) Yaman, 1991

Disco Biscuits–Who Wants A Disco Biscuit?
II Exodus–The Dark Spirits
Epitome Of Hype–Ladies With An Attitude (Club Dub)
Intelligent Communication–Drive
Masters At Work–Jump On It
Underkut–Both Ends
Toxic– Original Style
Is That It?–No Name Drum-A-Pella
NRG–Dope E Dwarf
Sys'tem X–Wind It Up (Thumpy Instrumental)
Lennie De Ice–We Are I.E.
Warp Factor 3–Jammin’ Soul (D-Shake Mix)
Linea Alba–Space Travel
Rhythim Is Rhythim– It Is What It Is
Rebel MC–Tribal Base (Foundation Instrumental)
The House Crew–Keep The Fire Burning
The House Crew–Get On Up
Chris Simmonds–Leave Him Alone
Lennie De Ice–Dance Bad
Energy Storm–Synergy X-Pansion
Plaid– Perplex
E-Dancer–Speaker Punishing (The Dirty Mix)
Moby– Go (Woodtick Mix)
I heard Bizarre Inc on the radio earlier today. I never really noticed the original "I'm Gonna Get You" was a breakbeat tune. Were there any early jungle remixes or bootlegs of the tune?

Interesting output they had. Some of their remixes aren't bad for that early era of ravey, or deep house & such.