old skool for da raverz....

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^ No idea why the only mention I can find of this is the late 90's, as I clearly have it on old radio tapes from 1991 Baffled

Fuck the whole tune off and skip to 3:46 (although this isn't quite the full version)

I made a 2 minute loop of that bit back in 92 to shock out to, as it was (and still is) wonderful Grin

Still on page 2 of this thread, but a worthy bump - big up dwarde for introducing me to this:


^ This is called Frenzy, not Labyrinthe, Labyrinthe is the A side, this is track 2 on the B-side..., so pleased when I pick this up after listening to it for about a year on radio shows Homerdrool


Used to go banana's to this one in 92.... Falcon
^ Been after that one for about 16 years and never knew what it was until Dwarde ID'd it for me!

^ This tune fucked my head up when I first heard it Hahaha

and to describe why, I will leave you with this little snippet below that could hint why :P

Going to showcase this whole EP, as it was and still is one of the best I have ever bought.

Some more Rhythm section beauties:

Into 93 we go.....

and possibly my favourite from this F Project EP:

I'll end tonight on possibly the most underated oldskool label (imo), as it never gets compared to sub bass, reinforced etc, but for me were equal back then.

^ Xyxthumbs

Both sides of this kick ass.... Falcon
All about the vocal breakdown Lovesmilie


popped into my head.

was looking for the other side for the re-animator.
A wee little mix I did:

Halcyon Daze (1990-1991 Mix)
Bug Kann and the Plastic Jam - Made in 2 Minutes
A guy called Gerald- Voodoo Ray
Annette - Dream 17
N Joi - Anthem
Together - Hardcore Uproar
Love Revolution - Give it to me baby
Nexus 21 - Self hypnosis
The Scientist - The Bee
Secret Desire - White Light
Midi Rain - The Crack Train
Zero Zero - The Sanity Clause
Novation - You are the one
(?) - Can't Remember
Mr Moses - Sound and vision
The Thompson Twins - Come Inside (Feedback Max mix)
Convert - Nightbird
Bizarre Inc - Raise me (Eon Mix)
React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication (Leftfield Mix 1)
Midi Rain - Eyes (Bizarre Inc mix)
React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication (Leftfield Dub)
Tech Noise - I luv you
Nitrous - Moonwalk
Hardcore Uproar - High on hope
Alex Lee - Take it
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm
Shades of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation
Carl Cox - I Want you forever

Also available with some other mixes at www.omnimusic.org