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I set up a bandcamp page for a project I am working on (well whenever I feel like it). I have uploaded a track on there which is available for free download.

Audiocast is about experimenting with sounds, and if I am happy with my experiments then I will put it out there for people to download. I decided to do this after listening to a session I did a good few years ago. This one particular track just stayed in my head and grabbed my attention and I felt that it needed to be heard - and this track is called 'Audiocast 1'.

I didn't want to give this track a proper name as I want the listener to really feel it and connect with it. Sometimes it's nice to keep things simple and let the focus be on what you are hearing, opposed to anything that is conjured up from reading a track name.

I really hope that if you do check it out, then you will enjoy it. Though I appreciate it won't be everybody's cup of tea.

Here's the page: so check it out if you're interested. If you like it, then as I mentioned above, the track is free but you still need to click the 'buy now' link and enter 0 (zero). You get a choice of mp3, flac, etc...

Peace Smile
Listen a few times, and purchase if it's your thing. Very good debut, hope it gets more approval.
Cheers for checking it out and glad you enjoyed Smile
will check Xyxthumbs
Statto Wrote:will check Xyxthumbs

Thanks Statto Smile

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