Icewind - Sound Experiment #1

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Comments welcome. :]
cool, going for the chill side with funk samples! nice melodies, pads, strings. suggestions? The chords that come in at 2 minutes, it'd be nice if they weren't just up and down but had melody. its got really good moments but its kinda boring, clean but weak, and needs to be jumped up with more kick. on to the next one Smile
thanks for postin nice one!
Thank you for the kind words. Suggestions noted. ;]
Quite liking, yes, some good moments in this. However sounds like more than one tune. Needs to transition better in places. Smile
Lately I've been having a problem with carrying on smoothly throughout the track, maybe I'm running out of samples. I think I'm heading into obstruction in my progress with music.
its not the amount of samples, thats ok. the track could just be shorter, like 4:30, and getting a coherent feeling, possibly tying in other elements together. get a groove going, go with the idea, make the point, and move on Smile

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