Icewind - Ammunition

Like this quite a lot, each segment sounds really good and sets a vibe, nice chop work too. I still feel it's like slightly disjointed overall, as in the second movement flips key and break at the same time kind of without notice. E.g at 3.01 it's like it just changes to a different tune. Stand alone each bit is great though!!! Smile

Shiva Wrote:E.g at 3.01 it's like it just changes to a different tune.

i like that though. used to get more of that with the old school stuff. - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

I'll be totally honest, I know very little music theory, and I'm starting to think it would really help a lot. Up til now I've just been doing everything by ear. I don't know what key I'm in or what a key exactly is...I'm guessing if I learned some basic music theory it would help me making tracks quicker.

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