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RIP Ray Bradbury

"Author Ray Bradbury has died in Los Angeles at the age of 91. His daughter Alexandra confirmed that her father died on Tuesday night in Southern California."


(though I didn't actually know he was still alive)

Good innings, great contribution to science fiction. Rest in peace Ray.

Statto Wrote:Lighter

(though I didn't actually know he was still alive)

Lol I thought he was long gone too.



There was a pause. Sitting in the afternoon sun, the
captain looked curiously around at the little silent cool town.
"I'd like to live here," he said.
"You may if you want."
"You ask _me_ that?"
"Will any of those men under you ever really understand
all this? They're professional cynics, and it's too late for
them. Why do you want to go back with them? So you can keep up
with the Joneses? To buy a gyro just like Smith has? To listen
to music with your pocketbook instead of your glands? There's
a little patio down here with a reel of Martian music in it
at least fifty thousand years old. It still plays. Music you'll
never hear in your life. You could hear it. There are books.
I've gotten on well in reading them already. You could sit
and read."
"It all sounds quite wonderful, Spender."
"But you won't stay?"
"No. Thanks, anyway."
"And you certainly won't let me stay without trouble. I'll
have to kill you all."
"You're optimistic."
"I have something to fight for and live for; that makes me
a better killer. I've got what amounts to a religion, now.
It's learning how to breathe all over again. And how to lie in
the sun getting a tan, letting the sun work into you. And how
to hear music and how to read a book. What does your
civilization offer?"
The captain shifted his feet. He shook his head. "I'm
sorry this is happening. I'm sorry about it all."
"I am too. I guess I'd better take you back now so you
can start the attack."
"I guess so."
"Captain, I won't kill you. When it's all over, you'll
still be alive."
"I decided when I started that you'd be untouched."
"Well . . ."
"I'll save you out from the rest. When they're dead,
perhaps you'll change your mind."
"No," said the captain. "There's too much Earth blood in
me. I'll have to keep after you."
"Even when you have a chance to stay here?"
"It's funny, but yes, even with that. I don't know why.
I've never asked myself. Well, here we are." They had returned
to their meeting place now. "Will you come quietly, Spender?
This is my last offer."
"Thanks, no." Spender put out his hand. "One last thing.
If you win, do me a favor. See what can be done to restrict
tearing this planet apart, at least for fifty years, until
the archaeologists have had a decent chance, will you?"
"And last--if it helps any, just think of me as a very
crazy fellow who went berserk one summer day and never was
right again. It'll be a little easier on you that way."
"I'll think it over. So long, Spender. Good luck."
"You're an odd one," said Spender as the captain walked
back down the trail in the warm-blowing wind.

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