SPKTRM - Android Dreams LP

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Came across the previews of this release by accident today, and to my surprise it turned out that it contains some stuff with breakbeats (which isn't the thing i would expect from Gridlok's Project 51 label).
Second tune, "C" (feat. D-Struct) (starting around 00:40) sounds really good, really recommend to check it, some good vibes on it.
Actually the rest also is pretty decent, definitely a nice surprise from the label which went out of radar of my music preferences long time ago.
I always liked the Hive/Violence Label sound. Kind of reminds of that especially with the breath of styles.
Spktrm is a great producer, although he's always been a little bit on the over-the-top dark clangy thing for my tastes.

Anomalous Singularity from like 2009 is a great tune though - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBOZu7v8RW4&noredirect=1

There's an interview about the album with him on the Knowledge website from a while back with a few free tunes that are pretty good too.

The album clips are sounding great, 90's aesthetic beefed up and toughened up without being testosterone-fuelled or aggro, and all with that really blissful euphoric orchestral strings buzz going on.

As for Gridlok, was never massively into his own label, but that last 12" on Commercial Suicide was actually pretty damn good IMO.
...it's like a bloody LIBRARY out there!!! http://twitter.com/executivesteve
Digging into the album as I post!

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