Post a clip of something you just made

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Just running through a drum processing tutorial with this one. Towards the end I got tired and the patterns start to fall apart... Put this one on the shelf for later.
Ian Patterson Wrote:Just running through a drum processing tutorial with this one. Towards the end I got tired and the patterns start to fall apart... Put this one on the shelf for later.

^--I admire your patience Lol
I can't stand rearranging drum tracks.
I've been experimenting with rearranging loops + using a controller, w/ a little more success than usual. It's kinda fun when you don
t forget about mute group.

I've been listening to a lot of non-break orientated dnb lately.
Really found myself inspired by 720, Orion, Odyssey,seba...old klute records. Things like that.
This one (and Klute - Annihilation) in paticular.

Started a desk job Icon_sad. Been missing the noise making .
I'm not used to cubicles.

I started this project about a month ago just to jack around with the Lately Bass patch. Then I found the performance mode, then the FM hats,then the Remake Uno/Duo organ thing, the percussive noises, organs organs organs...FM.

it's mixed by me about 1 1/2 6-packs deep, and when I say "mixed" I mean strategically unmutes channels while trying not to fall over.
I should know how to do this in REAPER by now, yet I'm still using Patchmix & a wave editor, while REAPER plays. I know. classy.

Almost titled it Good Fun/Big Life:lol
Really loved the oldschool pianos in that ^^

Quote:Started a desk job Icon_sad. Been missing the noise making .
I'm not used to cubicles.

Eat, sleep, work... :/ Don't get me started.

I like drum sequencing the most I think, I find the moments of nonsensical rhythm sort of relaxing...

I'm not so hot with synths and controllers, need to do some research and figure out what the hell I'm doing instead of twiddling the knobs hoping I get the sound I'm looking for.

2am stompy dubby thing
Just a straight recording of a pattern I came up with after listening to the tape mix below. Pretty raw, has some "mistakes", but was really moved by it and wanted to share. I really need to get on the recording/sharing boat.

Chopped up the "Both Eyes Open" break and have a pattern going that's going to be supplemented by a few more layers and bass overdub...czech it.

Free to use processed sample too. Smile
sackley Wrote:I really need to get on the recording/sharing boat.

Please do, that was nice and relaxing Smile

I need to pump out some more stuff. I've been practicing for a tournament for a month and a bit, once that's over i can get back in the music groove and blow off some steam.

^--- this is good Sackley
thumbu (keyboard's broke)
accidentally Made a New Age song
my Arpeggiator kicks out MIDI on all channels
forgot the fm synths were connected
I dont necessarily enjoy listening to it , but I think it's interesting
this is a recording of my drum machine triggering a sampler + two synths via my synth's arp (except for the end, that I played obviously) Two notes, cycling back and forth,,,

Something in the works... My attempt at atmospheric turned into darkish jungle again lol
while playing around w/ my drum machine I decided to take a shot at making some detroit techno.
that was a few weeks/months back. Stayed up too long & couldn't finish, so I recorded a 2-3 min take of what I had.

Felt Like doing the same thing, only without the 4 to the floor no fun to program techno beat.
still working on it, but I'm happy w/ where it's going. <--experiment in bit decimation/boredom. <---techno song we made w/ an MPC2000 and a bunch of synths. sounds pretty 7th plain/1993 & lossy. <--- I heart the MPC's step sequencer. Sounds like auto weirdness, MIDI panics, and tha alkaholiks?
I think you take too many drugs Hue Wink Grin

Absolutely weird. But good!

I like where this is going, but it's not sitting in the right.. space. everything feels like its just behind me with the drums up front. Grumble
This isn't staying up for long, haha. Need to sort out my recording setup.
And another... happier with this one, will probably keep it up for a while out of laziness!
nice and lo-fi mate ^

enjoyed it Smile
cube Wrote:nice and lo-fi mate ^

enjoyed it Smile

chris.innocence Wrote:from last night - a 2am, can't sleep thing

just listened to this again, very nice. love the flickery hats
Heres out latest tingaling too!
Always like the output PDX Xyxthumbs
Hi to all the subverts,been using this board for some time now Smile won't be using the web or the computer in a week or two for a while so have decided to make a post.This thread has caught my attention for the reason it might be suitable to post something i made ,have been trying to make tunes recently not to calibre of any thing on this thread but here is the link below. any opinion's good or bad would be great .Maybe the fourth or fifth tune i have finished
hello there Wave
sackley Wrote:Always like the output PDX Xyxthumbs

thanks man

Will check yours out when im at an audio pc lotus. ;0

sounds good in various headphones, but for some reason wasnt translating well on my monitors this morning. Could be due to a lack of coffee, and my sub being off.
couldn't sleep, FL on a netbook sketch