FL Studio Producer Edition XXL for 89$ instead of 199$

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A Friend of mine stopped producing music years ago. he bought the fl studio boxed edition version 5 back then..

so, now he sells his valid Original License of FL Studio Producer Edition boxed edition for 89$ instead of 199$ (without lifetime free updates which costs 39$ in the IL Store - if you want FL Version 10, 11 (next week!), 12, 13, ..., you have to make a payment (39$ non-recurring) in the store after your purchased the license)

This is what you get:

Original valid FL Studio Producer Edition License
FL Downloader
Generic Sample CD
Soundfont Player (FL Only)
VideoPlayer (FL Only)
SimSynth Live (FL/VSTi)
DrumSynth Live (FL/VSTi)
Sytrus (FL/VSTi)
DX-10 VSTi/DXi
SimSynth VSTi/DXi
Sytrus VSTi/DXi
DX-10 (FL/VSTi)

PM me if interested. PayPal Payments only.

Cheers! Smile

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