buying one record reviewed in The Wire each month

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way behind on this...

#455 shortlist:

Thomas Dimuzio / Jon Leidecker / Alan Courtis - Redwoods Interpretive (Oscarson)

Morton Feldman - Piano and String Quartet (Another Timbre)

Julia Reidy - How to Spot a Rip (Takuroku)

Umlaut Big Band - Mary’s Ideas: Umlaut Big Band Plays Mary Lou Williams (Umlaut) — up to track 19

#456 longlist:

Cavesnake - Cavesnake (Cruel Nature)

Gordon Grdina & Jim Black - Martian Kitties (Astral Spirits)

Hen Ogledd - No Wood Accepted (Weird World)

Roland Kayn - Tektra: Cybernetic Music (Reiger Records Reeks)

Only Now - Only Now Presents: Indian Unclassical Vol.1 (Bokeh Versions)

Michael Pisaro-Liu - Revolution Shuffle (Erstwhile)

Éliane Radigue - Occam Ocean 3 & 4 (Shiiin)

a lot of good stuff here Chin

Cavesnake - Cavesnake (Cruel Nature)
Hen Ogledd - No Wood Accepted (Weird World)
Roland Kayn - Tektra: Cybernetic Music (Reiger Records Reeks)
Only Now - Presents: Indian Unclassical Vol.1 (Bokeh Versions)

#457 shortlist:

Dr Drexler Project / G Ragz|Zelig Implosion Deluxxe - Split (Play Loud!)

Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci - Winds Bells Falls (Telegraph Harp)

MoE - The Crone (Vinter)

System 01 - System 01 (1990-1994) (Mannequin)

Great linkage, cheers. Twothumbs

Half my lifetime ago, I studio timed this alt dnb mix
just five days after posting #456 — that's some serious listening I've been doing

#458 shortlist:

Joy Guidry - Radical Acceptance (Whited Sepulchre)

Éliane Radigue / Frédéric Blondy - Occam XXV (Organ Reframed)

Richard Thompson - Music from Grizzly Man (No Quarter)

Peter Conradin Zumthor - Things are Going Down (Edition Wandelweiser)

#459 long shortlist:

Sarah Cahill - The Future is Female Vol 1: In Nature (First Hand)

Laura Cannell - Antiphony of the Trees (Brawl)

Dubbledge & Forest DLG - Ten Toes Down (Potent Funk)

Meshuggah - Immutable (Atomic Fire)

Steamboat Switzerland - Terrifying Sunset (Trost)

Yawn - Materialism (Mindsweeper)


loads of good shit this month

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