[risky] remix of Champion Sound

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qualifications - didn't set out to do this it just happened. sampled most percussion and bassline from old d&b records, including a dubplate of the 2003 remix of champion sound (crusty!) Interestingly, the bassline is from Kraken - Analogue Spikes.

So it's more on the d&b side with some other influences.... feel free to judge harshly, i'd like to get it right or do it some justice (if thats even possible)

it is better produced than anything else so far.... getting there!

I can do way better than this. Everytime a track is "done" I quickly realize how it isnt very good or could be way better.

it seems pretty decent already Xyxthumbs
thanks Smile its a start. girl i sent it to wants harder beats and a heavier drop i gotta do that for her
make it darker!!

take out the snare, space things out a bit, more sinister atmos, just keep a hectic high hat & heavy kick drum goin to carry the tune.

make it evil k? Smile
custom mixes are 50$ bruv


fuck, i might do that though. like a dark minimal techno version huh? we will see
^^ not straight up techno per se, all tho that would be pretty cool to hear, but think more ".. what would AMIT do?"

".. if i were SCORN.." heh.

darkness is bliss. space is scary. bass decapitates. cuz dub is the weapon. Smile

^^ does that qualify as haiku?
Not so bad! Smile

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