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has there ever been a hiphop thread on Subvert Central?

if not, its here. Smile

old & new, ruff with di smooth. what gets you goin?

a good place to start. reachin back. reachin back. thread title inspiration right here. and yeah, Rob Swift for days. the Gangis Kahn freestyles on this blew my mind back when.


Artist :Rob Swift
Album : The Ablist
Year : 1999

Tracklist :

01 - day one
02 - dope on plastic
03 - what would you do-
04 - night time
05 - modern day music
06 - two turntables and a keyboard
07 - fusion beats
08 - alma's message
09 - turntablist anthem
10 - let's talk relationships
11 - i'm leaving
12 - brainstorming
13 - all that scratching is making me rich!
14 - ben fee the mc
15 - musica negra-black music (remix featuring johnny 'juice' rosado)
16 - gangis kahn
17 - this is our day
18 - the will to do something different
19 - something different
20 - gangis kahn returns
21 - the ablist
lovin that Vadim reggae mix. tight.

Vadim all day. respects.

[Image: artworks-000053604010-gm2x6u-t500x500.jpg]
dj Vadim - Old School Hip Hop Mix - August 2013

mc lyte - kikin 4 brooklyn
ll cool j - breakthrough
positive k - im not having it
sir mix alot - posse on broad way
t la rock - lyrical king
eric b and rakim - my melody
ll cool j - i cant live without my radio
public enemy - shut em down
audio 2 - top billin
bdp - im still no 1
bdp - criminal minded
slick rick - the moment i feared
beatie boys - paul revere
biz markie - we write the songs
nwa - dope man
eric b and rakim - as the rthyme goes on
epmd - never seen before
greg nice and smooth be - skill trade
ultramagnetic mc’s - ego trippin
jungle bros - jimbrowski
marly marl - the symphony
special ed- i got it made
chubb rock - yabba dabba do
big daddy kane - word to the motherland
run dmc - hit it run
epmd - strictly business
epmd - so wat cha sayin
mc shan - down by law
big daddy kane - smooth operator
nice n smooth - more hits
nice n smooth - no delayin
fat boys - human beat box
biz markie - nobody beats the biz
jungle bros - jimbrowski
ice t - high rollers
epmd - its my thing
dougie fresh - the show
special ed - come on lets move it
big daddy kane - another victory

[Image: artworks-000051606766-17s73s-t500x500.jpg]
dj Vadim - June 2013 Dj Mix summer soul drum mix

kreesha-turner - i feel u my darling
harleigblu - enough now
om unit - dark sunrise
dj cam - cameo - love junkey - j dilla rmx
flako - free radikals
hartley&wolfe-sweet sensei
dj vadim - 2late riddim demo
dj vadim - burning lov riddim - demo
the electric - so now u know - flako remix
massive attack - lately - mark pritchard rmx
kidk n dza - stickers
spacek - simply so
dj vadim - game tight
the electric - simple as easy (golden faces remix)
ip - pit stop
shuko - something
flako- floating
cutting lark - the makin of ft amalia
dj vadim - set them free
hartley&wolfe-walk on the wild side
j dillah - sometimes rmx
janet jackson - got it till its gone

[Image: artworks-000058761367-q20h54-t500x500.jpg]
Deep In The Roots - Daddy Vad At The Control Tower

Alton Ellis - Rhodesia
Anthony Johnson - Let's Go This One
Jackie Mitto - Jah Rock Style
Keithus 1 - Jah Children
Hugh Mundell - Jacqueling
BB Seaton - Been Such A Long Time
Pablo - Bedroom Mazuka
Charlie Ace - Dreadlocks
Horace Andy - Found Someone Of My Own
Mudies All Sars - Lorans Dance
Jimmy Lindsay - Aint No Sunshine
Sugar Minott - Give Me Jah Jah
Donna V - Lady Pullover
New Age Steppers - Problems
Val Bennet - Scapaduga
Angela Prince - You A Fool Boy
Charmaine Burnette - Same Girl
Junior Soul - bad Man Posse
Marcia Grithis - Feel Like Jumping
U Roy - Silver Bird
Shorty Perry - Abusing
Bertie Bertrand - Let Me Truthly Tell You
Nora Dean - Barb Wire
Hortense Ellis - Woman Of The Ghetto
lp of the year?

so good.

[Image: 969408_276463939165412_1417840876_n.jpg]

[Image: 1235036_336024293209376_735268406_n.jpg]
props to Psykhomantus & Dex for the video zine.

its dope.


VISIONBOMBING (Season 1 Episode 1) - August 2013

1. Theme Music
2. MadFlow Intro*
3. The Ultimate- Soundsci
4. On Smash- Camp Lo ft. Styles P
5. Turn It Up- Nottz X & Pete Rock
6. Beats Rhymes & Life - Clear Soul Force
7. Skit: MadFlow & Malik MD7*
8. Steady Mobbin- Torae
9. Bang Exclusive - Kid Tsunami ft. Sean Price
10. Unorthodox - Joey Bada$$
11. Back N Forth Scrambler - Large Professor & Yu Mamiya
12. Skit: MadFlow*
13. This, That & The 3rd Spectac & Amiri
14. Ahabetical Slaughter Pt 2- Papoose
15. Swank Sinatra - Dyme-N-Duzin ft. Joey Ba$$, Capital Steez & CJ Fly
16. Extra Extra - Rapsody ft. Mac Miller
17. Skit: Mikey Don of Krispy*
18. Best of Times - Strong Arm Steady ft. Phonte
19. Forever- Slum Village
20. Home Sweet Home - Masta Ace ft. Pav Bundy
21. Spike Lee Was My Hero - Skyzoo ft. Talib Kweli
22. End Credits*

Welcome to the pilot of my latest project called VisionBombing. As I've posted before for those that don't know what VisionBombing is. VisionBombing is a one-hour Internet music video program of rap videos mixed lively in a mixtape style (using Rane's Serato Video SL) by myself (Psykhomantus), London's Mr. Dex with special appearance from rap stars, live in studio performances and comedy and hosted by hosted by Birmingham's Madflow. VisionBombing is a cross between the classic Yo! MTV Raps and the Rawkus mixtape SoundBombing 2. Check the pilot out as their is more to come. - Psykhomantus

VisionBombing Pilot - July 2013

1. Theme Music
2. MadFlow Intro*
3. Key To The City feat Rob Swift- Large Professor
4. Break Loose feat DJ Scratch- Rasheed Chappell
5. Emotion feat Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffrey- Ty
6. Welcome To The Terrordome- Pharoahe Monch
7. Skit: MadFlow*
8. Waves- Joey Bada$$
9. Rock The Bells- Tanya Morgan
10. The Good Fight- Phonte
11. Reppin- Slum Village
12. Skit: MadFlow*
13. House Of Flying Daggers feat Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Method Man- Raekwon
14. That's Hard feat Styles P & Sean Price- Pete Rock/Smif & Wessun
15. Jansport Strings- Skyzoo
16. Give It Up (Intro)- MC Melodee
17. Give It Up (Cookin' Soul Remix)- MC Melodee
18. Skit: MadFlow*
19. Starting Over- Jhest
20. Project Boy- Joell Oritz
21. World Premier- Ill Bill
22. Ques an Charde- Oscar O'Malley
23. End Credits*

VISIONBOMBING (Season 1 Episode 2) - September 2013
(Wellgosh 25th Anniversary Special)

1. Theme
2. Intro- MadFlow*
3. Purple Patch- Sonnyjim
4. Outta Control feat Hodgy Beats- M.E.D.
5. Rockfresh- Phili 'N' Dotz
6. Guv'Nor- JJ Doom
7. Skit- Madflow
8. Underground King- Genesis Elijah
9. 360 Waves- Durag Dynasty
10. Typhoon Rap feat Action Bronson- Mayhem Laure
11. My 2nd Lighter- Redman
12. Skit: MadFlow*
13. Concrete Jungle- 9th Wonder & Buckshot
14. 25th Hour- Rexs
15. Jumanji feat T3- Action Figures
16. Get No Better- Clear Soul Forces
17. Skit: Madflow*
18. Lyrical Homicide feat Livin Proof & Sadat X- Fokis
19. Walk On By- Logic
20. Epic Dynasty feat Dynasty- DJ Premier
21. Orange Soda- Vic Mensa
22. Outro- MadFlow*
23. End Credit
+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:has there ever been a hiphop thread on Subvert Central?

probably Bluesmiley — and I posted this the other day:


VISIONBOMBING (Season 1 Episode 3) - September 2013

1. Theme
2. Skit: MadFlow*
3. Get Bizzy feat Dynasty- Fresh Vetz
4. Put Soul In It feat Tony Touch- T-Weaponz
5. The Molotov- Reks
6. Good Vibes- Uptown XO
7. Skit: Jonzi D & Soweto Kinch*
8. You Ain't Right- Mystro
9. Ya Know- LMNO & Kev Brown
10. Apex- Capital Steez
11. Five & Ten- 14KT
12. Skit: MadFlow*
13. The Boppers- Thaione Davis
14. Get Away feat The Sprit Of Wu-Tang- De La Soul
15. I.K.Y.A.B.W.A.I (I Know You Are But What Am I) feat Blak Twang- K9
16. Black Friday- Nu Dekades
17. Skit: Maseo (De La Soul)*
18. The Remedy- Black The Ripper & Harry Love
19. Non Fiction ft. Raheem DeVaughn- Rapsode
20. Aztechnical- KRS One
21. Strange Planet- Homeboy Sandman
22. End Credits
Statto Wrote:
+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:has there ever been a hiphop thread on Subvert Central?

probably Bluesmiley — and I posted this the other day:


^^ great track.
[Image: zoo-york-mixtape-feature-cover.jpg]
Lots of great tunes on that Dj Vadim - Old School Hip Hop Mix - August 2013, thats what I like Smile
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page - - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

this whole ep is fuckin' bangin'. - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums

Icon_sad - SCD soundclash tune is up Drums
Dynasty "A Star in Life's Clothing" lp out now October 18, 2013 via Jakarta Records (Germany).

some good ish.

[Image: a0417979585_10.jpg]

[Image: 1379932_682985641741141_2067773868_n.jpg]
punk rock. Slayer

Golden Brown Sound - Boston, MA

[Image: 1098214_152494488279499_689955701_n.jpg]

[Image: 1017065_140900862772195_1145656450_n.jpg]
The Black Opera.. been a fan for a bit.

there's a new FREE mixtape kickin about.

its good.

earlier joints a must,if ya haven't already.

[Image: 598600_587965914576053_1175051149_n.jpg]
use [youtube ] [/youtube ] for multiple youtube insertion

^^ okay. Smile

A Cat Called Fritz (Paris, France) collab with Audessey (Soundsci) via Slice of Spice.


Free dl of "Frequencies" if ya haven't checked it out.

Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz "Beats Per Minute" e.p. forthcoming (Slice of Spice). tasty indeed.

Audessey & ACatCalledFRITZ - Frequencies - FREE DOWNLOAD
[Image: 1382866_663810410310847_125759908_n.jpg]

also Slice of Spice blessing with tons more goods.

Lord Finesse, Diggin In The Crates Crew biz & K-Def vinyl collabs.

i'm listening. yup. Smile

[Image: artworks-000057306283-vm5mnm-t500x500.jpg]
SSR 013 - Lord Finesse - Signature Sevens Vol 3 - FREE DOWNLOAD

Lord Finesse Live @ The Do-Over Los Angeles (07.21.13)

[Image: artworks-000043263229-jq9iqu-t500x500.jpg]
K-Def Real Live - DAT Real Live Rare Sh*t - forthcoming November 2013

K-Def vs Slice Of Spice (An Ongoing Vinyl Collaboration)

[Image: 1238033_10151640712294067_115289373_n.jpg]
catch that Kwes "Ilp" lp on Warp yet?

Kwes - Cablecar - Warp Records - October 2013

[Image: 1148747_637597462928441_1253951905_n.jpg]
I'm a huuuuge Blue Sky Black Death fan (Seattle, SF)..

if ya haven't had the pleasure, peep the entire discography. lots to check out.. seriously.

Blue Sky Black Death new "Glaciers" lp out NOW.

[Image: 557091_523000171104912_771212805_n.jpg]
Blue Sky Black Death - Glaciers lp - October 2013

[Image: artworks-000058471610-kb32y8-t500x500.jpg]
Blue Sky Black Death - Keys - Featuring Gucci Mane x Deniro Farrar x Nacho Picasso x Mack Shine

all day.. all day.

[Image: a2739315514_10.jpg]

Blue Sky Black Death - Valley Of Kings w/ SAS featuring Cam'ron & P​.​A​.​P​.​I. (NORE) - Free Download

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