today, I...

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Today I made a best friend. And just like that, she left.
Today I went off my rocker and ended up in grunge.
Today I made toast to the toaster, but the toast only popped up, and it was actually slightly burnt.
Today I cried over spilt milk and then the milk evaporated. So I cried some more, but the only thing that happened was, I ran out of milk.
Today I lost my dictionary in Oxtail soup.
Today I woke up, and Donald Trump wasn't on the TV.
And today I return to normal non-Trumpian musings, to humour the make America great man.

I have just upped the track "Cheri Berry" to SoundCloud.
More uploads on
...Listened to "Silly Habits" by Enjoy, which is a mighty fine slab of filter funk.
...had a nice afternoon nap

I had a nap on the bog earlier, but of a quite different kind.
I churned two rock yule log brown sandworms into the septic sanitation tank and that evolved my pet anaconda. Yucky.
Luckily for me Tommy Morrisons is well chappa on bog roll and the two microbial baby formulations flushed down non-poo.

My pet anaconda is a fourteen-figure wholebred stone-fed Stonjourner prototype anaconda spider, called a Throh.
It is the most gentle Pokemon that exists in the entire real world.
It is only rare because of its Michael Pain quality.
It is unable of causing pain, because it is the heart of the Pokemon mascot phoenix in Japan, Ho-Oh, and resembles a Golden Weaver.
In Pokemon Ultra Moon and Sun, still being developed professional games, it is known as Cradily in stage two, a true spiderplant. The only true camel spider that is not scary at all. The popularised camel spider is known as the wind scorpion.
Scorpions are the only deadly poison small to extra large critters in creation, and take a seriously strong minded behaviorist.
You don't need the training of a microbiologist, but you do need the least training of someone with patience and passion.
...listened to Goldie's album The Journey Man for the first time...

meh Thumbd
You are right Statto.
That's how I felt first-time.
I recommend only CD3.
The other two discs I forgot.
"Run Run Run" disc only OK.
- i thought "have you in my wilderness lp" by julia holter
- i played oneohtrix point never new music 
- cooked gabon Vietnam pasta beef and cori mayo
- read five minutes worth of a humorous felines handbook
- dusted some floors
- took a picture of a corn snake dust cloud 
- organized my family presents into wrap up bags
- played jim rummy and made a successful ftse invest
dis mornin, I...
- fed and watered the cat
- washed all over, head shoulders knees and toes, scrubbed hair mop, dampened it down
- prepared my body for exfoliation washing foams (in the shower heat, ideally soon)
- cleaned my feet Hahaha honestly tho, so important when you are on zee go
- drank quite much Old Black Tea / Coffee / fruit juices, and a little birra milk
- took in the cigarette smell of whiskey smoke and air ventilation from my sandalwood
- shopped at my local Morrisons for pork pies, Mangoes, Sandwich, Pokecards, 2 pk Sausages, a bag to keep it all in, and took £20 cashback out - for Xmas presents ideal
- cleaned some dirty dishes in my washing up bowl, dried them up and then restarted
- washed some clothes, there is plenty of room for more washing to go on right now
- put clothes away; socks, tees, trousers, bed covers; quilts, scouring pads, underwear
- re-hung certain clothes, such as bed sheets that need turning inside out again to air
- messaged a friend about a possible game of cards, she will get back in her good time
- admired my yesterday's catching of fish, including a 25cm 1 foot long Small Mouth Bass
(this is on the Super Black Bass simulacra game on the Nintendo 3DS console)
- played a game of Pokemon with the new pack, ate well, and played proppa Muzak!
I am going through my collection of records, CDs and DVDs since I have been laid off - temporarily bc of COVID - until Christmas, when I will have holidays lol.

Anyways, I am seriously cutting back on my collection, everything I only half-way enjoy gotta go. I want to keep really only the essential stuff. Most of it will just go for free to a thrift /charity store. I am too lazy to put it on ebay/discogs, and I won't get much money for it anymore anyways.
Music critic for the Tally Ho
...stopped and kept listening to "no surprises" by radiodead several times. 

i must say. although i have never been a purveyor of the male vocal range, and octave adjustments from baritone to falsetto to soprano...i feel so comforted by this track. it is one of the most moping, heavy-hearted to-do tracks of its generation, let alone the 1990s.

"no alarms and no surprises, please". Xyxthumbs

sure surprises are cool. but most things are cool. and one of the first things i learned was that music is always surprising, no matter how many times you repeat it; even continuously. for me "no surprises" typifies my ideal mood today; not being full of vim, happy to have 'no surprises', as it were. 

it's my parents wedding anniversary anyway - almost their 25th. so that is the surprise for today. each day holds a surprise. but with my clinical attention deficit and obsessiveness, hoarding and trash talking, it would make sense for me to concentrate more on: writing, repeating medication, making music, and tuning instruments whether they are recorded properly or not. 

radiohead are bobbins, of course. most things i like are bobbins. still it's slightly better than john lennon - imagine, isn't it. which we've played until the radio blinkered out. 

interestingly enough, thom yorke is 66th uncut/mojo magazine male vocalist of the last 25 years in "new" elizabethan music. most people can't stand thom yorke: "too depressing". but i need it. i need a lot of it. god damn.
...bought a ticket for a gig NEXT December Eek
A day / morning of more surprises today, Cat snuggles and pet cuddles. 

Writing a Day Today Christopher Morris and Alan Partridge lampoon sketch about asylum seekers coming into the River Thames on a white water raft. 

Listening to Mark Jenkins - Space Dreams LP, a kind of dreamy, floaty, but not too wistful type of ambient/new age album, but only nu age in the way that Rob Rich is nu age. 
It's turned out quite well so far. 

I've also been battling Pokemon Cards against each other. The shadowless Dottler stage 1 versus Seaking rainbow stage 1 - Dottler comes out on top, because grass beats water attacks. Technically "Ram" is a grass energy attack, so it causes double damage to the large male goldfish Seaking. Seaking has 110hp, Dottler has 70hp, 40hp levels difference. Quite some feat to beat that level of opposition because you cannot put a foot wrong. 

I've also been thinking about going to local shops and the thrill of Sauvingnon Blanc.

I'll be fine, despite being Baffled about everything. 

Life is too much. 
Life is too much, they say. Xyxthumbs 

Life is not for Thumbd times and Mad
Yes, we got through the moments last night. We are really well now, I've been teaching my toys things.

"E Minus 1 EP". Check it out (you don't of course need to buy it) Statto. It's free listening on SoundCloud.
Since Bandcamp introduced the Flash Player on PCs with variable compatibility, we'll have to see how we do.
The main issue is its backward compatibility with older versions of Adobe Flash Player.
...cancelled a Direct Debit payment to the Labour Party

I feel better already Twothumbs
Happy new year! Smile
happy new year Wave
Alright fellow Rabbites.

Happy New year to you too