today, I...

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Listening to "Crush LP" by Trevor Something, on BC.
...Am wondering why the Subvert Central Blog, SubVersion is now : Access Denied; forbidden site

(7th June 2021, 20:46)Muttley Wrote: ...Am wondering why the Subvert Central Blog, SubVersion is now : Access Denied; forbidden site


The site works okay for me. Baffled
Well, whatever really.
I'll obviously just have to move post imperative to here!
...finished my book Xyxthumbs

apart from having to read it through, proof it, index it...

so I guess I haven't finished it Thumbd
...sent my book off

...just binge watched We Are Lady Parts

very enjoyable Twothumbs
Today I edited some discogs-entries
Music critic for the Tally Ho
(1st August 2021, 20:16)firefinga Wrote: Today I edited some discogs-entries

...had an afternoon nap

...returned from a week's holiday

(8th July 2021, 07:26)Statto Wrote: ...sent my book off

...saw an advertisement for my book... Smiley Bluesmiley
Today I made advantageous developments in my perusal of synths, synthesis, modular fiddling, deuteronomy's philosophical turnip munch, and the soluble advantage of mass mysterior: getting on and having done with it.

"This trio of offences offends my Comic Book Shop!"
"Worst Yes impersonation ever. I disapprove of this navel gazing, self-help-manual struggle from the recesses of my own anus!".
Btw, well done for anti-churning out your book Statto. 
Not easy to write more than fifty pages on a mellifluous, let alone superfluous, topic, that being chess. I barely managed two very light books on novella fiction. Still, every person's first book (of a nomination publically) nets at least a quarter more sales than a denominative, to-Americans "sophomore" effort. Eurgh, that word is so played out, lol.

I wrote most, and still write, most of my best thoughts at night time. 

It becomes less ordained: the fracturing of time, the predating of years, anthropometric understanding, tension loosening...the trick of being oblique to mass, in religion, extremist, in Evangelism, or critical mass shy.
(29th September 2021, 01:29)Muttley Wrote: Today I made

... a lot of posts on Subvert Central

(8th July 2021, 07:26)Statto Wrote: ...sent my book off

...received a box of author's copies

...received a copy of this... Computer
...made the first post on subvert central in nearly a week

...Put an Amen Break into something. Lulz. No, not DnB, just at that kinda speed Icon_razz a new record deck

I just spent $35 on a dozen donuts.

Donuts, rarely my thing, I'm 400 times more a cookie guy. 


The 2 donuts I've had are great.  I see the hype.  Its almost like you don't want to eat them, but they're a luxury to look at, ya know? Icing colors and such.

I would never eat a donut hamburger or whatever shit people try to sell these days. I'm demented sure, but NOT THAT demented.
I just heard this song on the radio

I'm sure the last time I heard it was 1990. lol

The Boys were signed to Motown Records. Who knew?

Today I edited a few discogs-entries
Music critic for the Tally Ho