Small Vinyl Runs?

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Anyone have any experience / suggestions on what sort of options are available on doing very small runs of vinyl pressing? I'm talking like, 5-10. I've found some stuff like this:

and a guy who does shaped vinyl that sounds like cats in a tin can...

Looking to maybe have some stuff mastered and pressed for the hell of it / as a portfolio piece
I've often considered it for making my own scratch/battle lp
Looks like it'll cost ya for the privilege! You would have hoped some of the more experienced label bosses would have chimed in this thread. Sounds like a cool project to me.
Never done a small run, but there used to be place in LA that made dubplates at $30/record, so $180 for 5 copies doesn't sound terribly high for me especially since you get a printed sleeve.
No kidding, this is going to be an expensive experiment

180 for 5 seems the best so far, i found this too

one off single sided picture discs for 170... rename myself dj narcissistic itch and put a picture of myself scratching my head on there.
Ian Patterson Wrote:rename myself dj narcissistic itch and put a picture of myself scratching my head on there.


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