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there's a new 7Seconds lp as well. Its more melodic Kevin Seconds than hardcore, if you get me. I dont' really like it. as a 7Seconds fan, even I wouldn't thoroughly recommend it


THIS is much better tho. Angel Du$t (Baltimore, MD), A.D. lp, on React Records, out NOW, June 10, 2014. who said SXE couldn't be hummable?


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more Baltimore / DC ish.

In Between, good stuff. so far, so good. i'm down with all I've heard.



so good.



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Perspex Flesh - Leeds, UK


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S.H.I.T. - Toronto, Canaduh

wow. amazing.


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Shook Ones (Seattle, WA) REALLY need to put out some new stuff.

anything & everything. brilliant. ** remember, SNOTTY, distorted pop punk is heaven in my world. Lovesmilie



Anwar Sadat - Louisville, KY


Anwar Sadat 'Live 6/13/14'
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Una Bèstia Incontrolable - Barcelona, Spain

LOVE x 2


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Acrid - 1995 - 1997 - Mississauga, Ontario, Canaduh...

one of the greats.

Forhekset allé - Copenhagen, Denmark


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I was on a Siouxsie kick last nite. still some vital tunes from the early stuff. I actually like much of the later stuff, including The Creatures, etc.

"Join Hands" is a great lp. its sort of effortless in the style, definitely in how their sound developed early on. niche.. found.

one of the earliest mixtapes my friend made me as a kid had The Ramones, The Who, and Siouxsie & the Banshees on it. crazy huh?

Arctic Flowers - Portland, OR


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Arctic Flowers MegaMixx - June 2014

ARCTIC FLOWERS - Weaver Mixtape:


Musta Paraati-Metalliset Kasvot
St. Vitus Dancers-The Survivor
1919-After The Fall
Bellicose Minds-In Greed
Manufactured Romance-Time Of My Life
DD-The Chauffeur
Screaming Sneakers-Abnormal Reflections
Undead-Listen To The Wallbeat
Discolokosst-Rock Ist Rock
Los Punkitos-Caca Culo Pedo Pis
+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:I was on a Siouxsie kick last nite. still some vital tunes from the early stuff. I actually like much of the later stuff, including The Creatures, etc.

"Join Hands" is a great lp. its sort of effortless in the style, definitely in how their sound developed early on. niche.. found.

Falcon Falcon Falcon
Chain of Flowers - Wales, UK

they don't have much music out, I've liked everything I've heard thus far.


Pleasure Leftists - Cleveland, OH (ex-9 Shocks Terror..)



good shit.

Gag - Olympia, WA


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1994! - Lancaster, PA

how i love thee. 1994! ...the sound of angels. I hope they never get a bass player. thus far, so good. they recently posted their out of print 2008 debut lp up on the bandcamp. REJOICE!!

anything & everything. seriously.


I just watched a superb documentary about Alexander Mcqueen. It kinda fucked me up.

all of a sudden, I wanted to hear Sonic Youth. random? yes. Listening as I post. I don't listen to much Sonic Youth now, but of course, back when, totally. "Schizophrenia" is still prolly one my fave SY tunes.

Title Fight can continue to take over the world.

its been a great journey thus far. I STILL whole heartedly approve.



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B.G.K - Balthasar Gerards Kommando (NL) - 1982 - 1987


+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:

GAUZE - Japan - 1981 - present

o.g. Japanese hardcore don't crack.

ALL - Trailblazer lp - 1989

one of my faves ever, and maybe my fave era of ALL, like most peoples' opinion i think. I caught them live during this era as well as a kid. GREAT SHOW! for a live recording, "Trailblazer" is a beauty! when music gets dated pretty fast, you can throw on your fave ALL tunes and get stoked that the songs could easily be fresh for today. peeps will still go off. forever influential on pop punk in its entirety, its ALL you need right? heh.

hands down, some of the best musicians in the game, getting jazzy with it. Egerton, Alvarez, Stevenson.. magic. some of the later stuff in the discography isn't too bad as well. Its ALL ffs! ha.

if you haven't heard, there's a Descendents / ALL documentary called "Filmage" doing the rounds which would be crazy to catch of you have the chance. I would't mind a peep myself! http://www.filmagemovie.com/

i live.

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Violent Sons - Nothing As It Seems lp - July 2014 - Bridge 9 Records

debut lp, i'm down. Violent Sons - Providence, Rhode Island (ex Verse, Raindance, Suicide Pact.. )


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