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We've heard it all in hip-hop before. Things regurgitate themselves all the time. Addiction kills hip-hop literally.. street military imagery & actions, whether literal or metaphorical, also suffocates a lot of the climate, no matter the era. It DOES get old, right? My point is that Backxwash isn't that. Backxwash is what we haven't heard in hip-hop. If & when you keep searching for something new, something to renew the sparks, the angle might come from perspectives you'd never consider. As a hip-hop fan, that's the point I'm trying to make. I think hip-hop can be a very insecure medium, an insecure culture at times. I don't hear insecurity in Backxwash.. ya know what I mean? GROWN PEOPLE biznez. Not kids in skinny jeans doing stupid shit. Make sense? Backxwash presents some scarey shit.. threatening even. Safe spaces are often created from chaos. Do your bit. Whatever it takes. Breathe. Live. Burn it down. I'm listening.



01. God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It (Produced By Backxwash) - 00:00
02. Backxwash feat. Ada Rook - Black Magic (Produced By Backxwash) - 01:52
03. Backxwash feat. Devi McCallion - Spells (Produced By Backxwash) - 05:30
04. Black Sheep (Produced By Backxwash) - 07:50
05. fatherfake - Hell's Interlude (Produced By fatherfake) - 09:53
06. Backxwash feat. Malldate - Into The Void (Produced By Backxwash) - 11:25
07. Adolescence (Produced By Backxwash) - 14:47
08. Amen (Produced by Backxwash) - 16:10
09. SKIN - Heaven's Interlude (Produced By SKIN) - 18:34
10. Backxwash feat. Will Owen Bennett - Redemption (Produced By Backxwash + Will Owen Bennett) - 19:34

01:21 WAIL OF THE BANSHEE feat. SurgeryHead - Prod. by Backxwash
03:27 I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES feat. Ada Rook - Prod. by Backxwash
08:24 TERROR PACKETS ft. Censored Dialogue - Prod. by Backxwash
13:24 IN MY HOLY NAME ft. Lauren Bousfield - Prod. by Backxwash
16:59 BLOOD IN THE WATER - Prod. by clipping.
18:39 SONGS OF SINNERS ft. Sad3 and Ada Rook - Prod. by Backxwash
23:24 666 IN LUXAXA - Prod. by Backxwash
26:03 NINE HELLS - Prod. by Nowhere2run
29:01 BURN TO ASHES - ft. Mike Go - Prod. by Backxwash + Will Owen Bennett
Chris Connelly.

I've been trying to explain the depth and breadth of Chris Connelly related musics lately. YES I'm a fan. YES I listen to and discover new Connelly stuff all the time. There's a lot of music. Finitribe, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Wax Trax! Records, folk music, avant garde soundtrack stuff.. you name it. I've explained that decades worth of music has largely been all very consistent if you're a Chris Connelly fan. The catalog has been curated, no matter the delivery - amplified to minimal sonics. There's always a sense of humor to aspects of what he does. And I guess that's something that has translated from the 1980's, Connelly, Wax Trax! Records affiliated material. It is never stagnant, imo. I find it very interesting that Connelly has done a few collaborations along the way with local Chicago emo greats as Tim & Nate Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, American Football, Owen, etc. ). With the amount of music that both Tim & Nate Kinsella have released themselves since the early 90's Chicago emo days as teenagers, in a way it makes sense that local Chicago musicians with an ear for improvisation like the Kinsella brothers and Connelly would meet. Obviously Connelly has been a fan of their work. And that meeting of worlds sort of blows my mind.

You think of 90's emo as this time capsule, sometimes insular, primitive in approach and dissemination, before the internet, mail order, read about in zines etc. Often obscure depending on the subject at this point. And yes, there's renewed old discoveries all the time. There's a huge chapter of music and influence that persists to this day. It doesn't have to be obscure. It doesn't have to be nostalgia either. I search constantly for new, old inspirations. A lot of people don't talk about the Chris Connelly collabs with the Kinsellas. Imo, I think it is amazing.

Why wouldn't folky Connelly offerings work over Joan Of Arc, American Football vibes, & noodling jazziness?

I like this very much. Everyoned lp, 2003 as via discogs


00:00 Glass Shall Wake
02:24 Knife Audition
07:51 Friends of Mine
12:40 First to Know
16:50 Curtains
20:06 Dancer's Legs
27:05 Low End Flight
32:36 You Wear It Like Smoke

As posted via Kenneth Edmonds youtube channel:

Liz Payne
Brent Gutzeit
Ben Vida
Chris Connelly
Tim Kinsella

Everyoned is an experimental group of sorts; it features some Chicago music-scene heavyweights from bands such as Pigface, Revolting Cocks, TVPow, Joan of Arc, The Owls, Town & Country and Central Falls- and that's just to name a few. The collaboration had been in the works for years- it seemed like everyone wanted to work with everyone else at some point and had been talking about it for years until they were finally all brought together in one space and began work.

Songwriting for Everyoned began in the spring of 2002, but labeling the creative process of Everyoned at the time as songwriting is perhaps something of a misnomer. Everyoned was a creative process that grew in fits and starts. Part of this had to do with the simple logistics of getting together: at any given time, as many as three of its members were recording or touring with one of their other bands. Another part of this process had to do with a deliberate move away from the structured, rehearsed song as each member had previously experienced it.

When the planets aligned and everyone was in the same place at the same time, the creative experimentation and sound of Everyoned grew like something akin to algae on a pond- patches would amorphously form here and there...these patches eventually grew and shifted around a bit, swallowing smaller patches until the entire surface had been transformed into some larger organism with a new identity. Listeners can identify the hand of each of Everyoned's members in little bits and pieces scattered about the record, but they would be hard pressed to claim that any of the members' sound or personality has risen to assume the identity of the record. Even something as identifiable as Chris Connelly's singing has been transformed into something perversely different.

Tim has said that when the song writing began, their approach was something that had become something counterintuitive to all of them. Instead of writing a finished piece of music and then deconstructing it (or piling on the layers) until it had become that original song in its finished form, Everyoned worked the other way around. They purposely intended to write write no more than 2/3rds of a song- insisting on an emphasis on improvisation in their performance to define the song. Ben has suggested that the driving, almost jazz-like pulse of the songs is a direct product of the nervous creative energy that went into filling in the blanks of these songs as the members performed them on the spot. The results are gorgeously lush constructions of delicate guitar harmonies, swimming bass lines, textures of strings and keyboard sounds and only the simplest percussion. Combined with Connelly's beautifully warbling voice, the songs impart a dark, delicately driving moodiness.

Everyoned was formed as a collaborative effort, each member bringing their particular flavors to a series of recorded performances inspired by the magnificent Astral Weeks by Van Morrison and in part, by Miles Davis' In A Silent Way. These records have a few things in common: they feature an impressive lineup of professional musicans- each musician established in his/her own right and enjoying his/her own respective career; these records were recorded over a very short period of time in just a few intense sessions, focusing on the live, collaborative performances of the musicians set around a predefined structure of songs they were to perform. As a result, these records have a presence which marks them as powerfully unique in the careers of their collaborators.
I randomly recommended Shudder to Think to listen too @ work today.

Shudder to Think are still a band that can jar people, throw them off a bit. Completely against the grain, sounding unlike anything else. When I first heard them back then, the impression was made. And yes, it was hardcore. I still get that impression today. As mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread, I hear many, many things in Shudder to Think, and of course as an influence to others - Cap'n Jazz, Bob Nana via Braid, Hey Mercedes, etc, 90's emo in general. I hear R.E.M, I hear Faith No More, later even Muse. That's quite the range. Movement.

I love this Shudder to Think song.

I told my brother about the Chris Connelly, Tim & Nate Kinsella collabs from years back. We talked Joan of Arc.. that Joan of Arc Vice doc is pretty cool. I like how Tim's mother knows the bands she encountered via her sons as teenagers and beyond I'm sure, baking a cake for Fugazi and all. I told my brother about Good Fuck, and Tim Kinsella presenting his industrial-ish, electronic musics. We listened to Owen last week @ work too. Things keep moving. I like that.



Tim Kinsella - Field Recording Of Dreams (2007)

00:00 Intro: A Grave Affectation
01:41 Monkey Heartbeat Departure Hour
12:05 Some Ways / One More Dream of Dying
14:17 Piss On Glass Mall Waterfall #1
15:36 The Beach in the Air Conditioner
18:16 Piss On Glass Mall Waterfall #2
20:22 Piss On Glass Mall Waterfall #3
23:53 I Dreamed I'd Already Dreamt All My Dreams Before
25:20 A 4-Way Game of Chess Played From the Corners of the Board
27:08 Strange Friends and Friendly Strangers
32:58 Almond Fountain
35:18 A Long Day of Small Worlds
36:45 The Tuna Steak Gray Cat's Cute Snore
38:59 A Tuna is as Close as the Cat Gets to a Diamond
40:41 Can't Own a Home
41:45 Depths of Field
from the bonus tracks to Jane From Occupied Europe reissues...

I really like this Good Fuck release.


Loyal To Your Dreams and Sudestudio present Good Fuck live in the studio main room.

00:10 Flow Flow
03:28 Strange Pair
08:03 Celibate
Wave Ello!  Happy New Year and all.. first posts of 2022 in this here thread.  Keepin safe, keepin on, hope all is well in your worlds as well.  Twothumbs

I listened to this the other week. I've never heard the Sort Sol stuff. The misery within loves the tune.



Early 4AD post punk singles 1980-84 - 30th August 2021


COLIN NEWMAN  - We Means We Starts
MY CAPTAINS - Converse
THE THE - Controversial Subject
SORT SOL - Marble Station
IN CAMERA - Legion
MASS - You And I
REMA-REMA - Rema-Rema
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - The Friend Catcher
IN CAMERA - Die Laughing
MODERN ENGLISH - Gathering Dust
SHOX - Lying Here
THE FAST SET - Junction 1
XMAL DEUTSCHLAND - Incubus Succubus II
BÅUHÅUS - Dark Entries


00:00 ...And Again Into The Light
04:26 Dead Loons
15:53 Rope Burn Exit
24:26 A Snowless Winter
36:37 Moth Eaten Soul
44:17 As Her Golden Laughter Echoes (Reva's Song)
46:13 The Embers At Dawn
58:54 Know Hope
It has been a bit since the last Pop Punk Tuesday..

Boyracer - I've Got It And Its Not Worth Having - 1993
Boyracer - He Gets Me So Hard - 1994
Bottomless Pit - Repossession - 2007
Bottomless Pit - Sacred Trench - 2013
Silk Worm - Slow Burn - 1992
White Lung - Kiss Me When I Bleed - 2014
White Lung - Narcoleptic - 2014
Home Front - Flaw In The Design - 2021
Flowering Blight - The Perfect Pair - 2008


1. 00:00 Inevitable
2. 13:34 The Lifer
3. 21:01 Menacing
27:47 Interview

[Image: FFn-ZdiWUAo_Ql-?format=jpg&name=large]
Thinking about Chi Pig lately. r.i.p

SNFU - A Blessing But With It A Curse (2021)

The five songs featured on this ep are outtakes from the 2004 sessions that ended up being Snfu's, In The Meantime and In Between Time, album.

1) The Awful Truth
2) Hale Bop feat. Propaghandi
3) What Will It Take To Break You?
4) Suddenly
5) My Long Lost Lobe


Home Front - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Think of the Lie" e.p, December 2021


(00:00) Flaw In The Design
(04:35) A Bit Of Dust
(07:49) Focus
(11:39) Security
(15:40) Seagulls
(19:07) Kill The Time
Everything.. forever recommended.

Rope Sect, "Proskynesis" e.p, December, 2021


00:00 - 1. Proskynesis I
04:29 - 2. Proskynesis II
09:07 - 3. Proskynesis III
13:55 - 4. Handsome Youth
17:42 - 5. Lava
20:35 - 6. Odisseia
Valravne - Asheville, North Carolina



1. Contempt for All Humankind 00:00
2. Some Kind of Vampire 04:00
3. Vada in my Ecafe 07:18
4. Taylor Mountain 11:19


1. Satanas Est Caritas 00:00
2. I Must Die 03:36
3. Aokigahara 08:36
4. Taken on the Sun 15:56
5. Nero 23:36
6. Extinction pt. 1 27:26
Zulu - Los Angeles, CA


1. Blackcurrant
2. Now They Are Through With Me
3. Straight From Da Tribe Of Tha Moon
4. On The Corner Of Cimarron And 24th
5. Do Tha Right Thing (And Stop Frontin')
6. We've Only Just Begun
7. I Sit Alone In My Four Cornered Room Staring At Candles
8. Things Ain't Gonna Change
9. Watching From The Sideline
10. 52 Fatal Strikes

The Spitboy discography reissue is awesome.




..Spitboy blazed trails for feminist musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond during their brief but impactful life, touring the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Releasing records on labels such as Ebullition, Allied Recordings, and Bay Area punk institution Lookout Records, they stood solitarily against what, at the time, was an almost entirely male-dominated sub culture of punk and hardcore. Formed in response to the homogenized masculinity of the late 1980's and early 1990s scene, their brash and abrasive style of music was paired equally with their confrontational live shows, and unwillingness to tolerate preconceived gender roles and social norms within the punk scene, and American society at large..

00:00 Seriously
02:08 Dysfunction
03:52 Motivated By Fear
06:40 Interdependency
10:19 Ultimate Violations
13:12 The Threat
15:39 Sexism Impressed
18:37 In Your Face
20:43 Violent Tongue
24:24 True Self
28:52 Word Problem
32:00 Touch
34:45 Right
37:46 In Tradition
41:16 Isolation Burns
44:20 Removal
46:43 Moral Casualty
50:57 Fences
54:53 Blue
57:03 You and Me and the Art of Being a Woman
58:57 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
01:00:32 Emaciation
01:02:46 Unknown
01:04:20 Wizened
01:07:48 6 Feet Down
01:09:48 All Grown Up
Pop punk Tuesday selections for today!

Brux - Bullet - 2021
Brux - La Mierda de Siempre - 2021
Hanoi Rocks - 11th Street Kids - 1981 ( ... I hear The Clash, do you?)
The Searchers / Jackie Deshannon - Needles and Pins - 1963
The Knitters / Cumberland Ridge Runners - Baby Out of Jail - 1985 / 1934
Christian Death - Blood Moon - 2022 .. NEW lp forthcoming this year!
Hilt - Baby Fly Away - 1989
Planes Mistaken for Stars - Fucking Tenderness - 2016

Sir Martin played this tune in the 2016, "The Bug presents Killing Sound Chapter 1: Dub Mutations" session.

(10th April 2022, 23:04)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Sir Martin played this tune in the 2016, "The Bug presents Killing Sound Chapter 1: Dub Mutations" session.

I have that on original 7" vinyl Cool
^^ Fatal Microbes is an interesting teenage band name. heh.

I'm eternally fascinated by Mizmor related stuff. Happiness within.


I've been listening to...

v/a - First Six Records (Dischord), which have just been rereleased as a 7" box set

They were all ripped and posted on youtube anyway. I was fairly Neutral about the whole lot.
Devil Master

Single handedly evoking a myriad of hardcore punk greats. I always heard early Husker Du personally. 

Greatness ensues again.

"Ecstasies of Never Ending Night"lp, April 2022

1. Ecstasies... 00:00
2. Enamoured in the Throes of Death 01:56
3. Golgotha's Cruel Song 06:11
4. The Vigour of Evil 09:38
5. Acid Black Mass 14:07
6. Abyss in Vision 18:30
7. Shrines in Cinder 23:14
8. Funerary Gyre of Dreams & Madness 27:03
9. Precious Blood of Christ Rebuked 29:37
10. Never Ending Night 34:24

Of course.

Mizmor, Thou collaboration via the "Myopia" lp, April 2022

1. Prefect (0:00)
2. Subordinate (6:09)
3. Drover of Man (13:22)
4. The Host (23:18 )
5. Indignance (32:56)
6. Manifold Lens (43:33)
7. Myopia (52:25)
8. The Root (1:02:46)

New Blut Aus Nord   Icon_yippee

"Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses" lp, May 2022

00:00 Chants Of The Deep Ones
07:39 Tales Of The Old Dreamer
14:09 Into The Woods
20:53 Neptune's Eye
26:51 That Cannot Be Dreamed
33:42 Keziah Mason
40:00 The Apotheosis Of The Unnamable


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