Looking for repetitive, drone-like compositions.

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that is quite lovely Xyxthumbs
My personal fave, can't get bored of it:

It's an Atom Heart (AtomTm) and Tetsu Inoue alias.
The Sleepover Series, Volume Two
by Hammock



3. A Secret Hiding in the Open 07:54

[Image: a2960696628_2.jpg]

[Image: 0001400801_36.jpg]
Thanks Jon, missed that post. I listened to 5 minutes and look forward to playing the rest undisturbed soon. Hyper

Straying a bit from the point but the tuba opening on this one was indistinguishable from a couple of planes flying over which resulted in a timbre that was different from either component.

Not an expert in that musical field at all, but I happen to pick up stuff here and there.

Don't know if the following really qualifies for the topic of this thread, but here is a track from an album by the band Painkiller (on their 94' album "Absinthe"):

Track number 8:

Music critic for the Tally Ho
That piece fits. Xyxthumbs Definitely giving me some ideas. And that artwork is really interesting!
From Scorn's '94 album "Evanescence", Track 10 "Slumber"

Music critic for the Tally Ho
Indeed Yes
Heard this on an experimental radio show I occ listen to:

More on the release this track can be found:

Music critic for the Tally Ho
Joel Hinkle - Quiet Moment is a great track from the now defunct Dark winter label. You can sample that from 15mof pt.6
Several tracks from the album "Always Offended Never Ashamed" by Kerridge offer some good drone-y stuff:


Music critic for the Tally Ho
Deep Listening Band - Dunrobin Sonic Gems (Deep Listening Institute)

firefinga Wrote:Several tracks from the album "Always Offended Never Ashamed" by Kerridge offer some good drone-y stuff:


Really like this one, it reminds me of Scorn - Far In Out that Statt-zo selected for The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 2 ClipZIP (all-nighter model, 10 hours). Very uneven structure that builds like a racoon tail towards transcendent speed and keeps slowing up when it finishes each phrase.
One Drone-y track from the Melvins LP "Stoner Witch"

Tracktitle: "Magic Pig Detective":

Music critic for the Tally Ho
here's some stoner drone for hurdy gurdy, bass and drums...


[Image: meditate.gif]
I quite like know that that piece is out on 300 pieces of vinyl. It's quite a grower. Made me quite introspective about beat programming too. Smile

I think this qualifies as orchestrated or least it can be observed with that perspective.
The quiet stuff Kevin Drumm does is propa bostin' innit.
Imperial Horizon
Imperial Distortion
The Sea Wins
There's a ton of stuff on his bandcamp account too

Xyxthumbs The number of harmonics coming out of that hurdy gurdy is nuts. Excellent video. Smile

check 'threshold' (15 mof pt.20) (2010) mix from january of that year at www.kapsil.net/muttley
I'm currently listening to this...


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