Looking for repetitive, drone-like compositions.

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13 Track Album of this rather enigmatic artist, many tracks have drone-y elements (mixed with 80s sounding synths, always a plus for me)
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Ambienty-esque and Drone-y album by Philip Jeck "Surf" (Touch) - here is the youtube playlist of the album:

Music critic for the Tally Ho
I need some calm music today. Nice one firefinga. Xyxthumbs
Let me be the first to recommend this:


Homerdrool Homerdrool Homerdrool Homerdrool Homerdrool

Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie

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not exactly drone, but it's in that territory...

(26th June 2017, 12:39)Statto Wrote: not exactly drone, but it's in that territory...


"New Wave of Dutch Heavy Jazz" Chin

Certainly doesn't start out as drone, but does find its way there. Xyxthumbs

(30th June 2017, 07:41)TVG Wrote: Wave

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
this is pretty good...

and this is very minimal drone...


I've done a little release in the "Releases" section of my spouse-edited Dropbox folder. Ask around if you want a copy of the 8 minute "Aloof" / "Birth Paean" double A side.


and this is very maximal drone...


and this is harsh noise drone...


and Swans drone...


The Drone Works project I finished in 2017 was successful. But all the same, I'm reasonably happy all the time with this "Malfunctioning Granular" Spotify and generative music mash up.

A beaver as cover art, as they build complex isolationism within their particular environmental tuning.
"acres of space" by longformacus

soundcloud demo

Lull's "Slow Fall Inward"


Andrew Liles with a day in the life of droning


"Soliloquy For Lilith" - Nurse With Wound


Coil - "Time Machines"


Add bits from Andrew Chalk, his Mirror collabs w/Andreas Heemann are lush, Colin Potter, Paul Bradley, Andrew Tate, Jonathan Coleclough all have sequences of drone-drenched sounds in their work. Surgeon's project under his own name...
....enough for now

this is some fine drone...

The artist Sarah Davachi is definitely poignant. Very Grouper crossed with Steve Roach. Peaceful and tranquil.
Elements of old roadsides, broken down buses, deserted factories and combustible elements all round.
The artist can be played via Spotify and Alexa especially is very good for creating an early morning soundscape.
You cannot go wrong with the aftermath of a troubled mind being soothed by a calm heart.

Francis M. Gri - Boke - Krysalisound - Mick Buckingham review

Having recently lost a close® family member to Alzheimer's related illnesses, I can partially sympathise and empathise
with how Francis M. Gri, owner of Krysalisound label, feels with this neat new record. Boke means "Blur", and is made to
represent memory disorders and the time it takes for an image to do just that. Gri calls it "the memory illness" - it's
always dementia, Alzheimer's or some such. Great novelist Terry Pratchett was taken from us by the latter; many its link.

On with the record itself, and this uses repetition as a narrative device. Give 'em a few rounds, then hit 'em with the
boomerang. It catches us unawares. Succinctly peaceful, the album is so decent it dispenses with nom de plume's such as
"beautiful art" - I don't want to wax insincerely about a delicate subject that has affected so many, and is being shown
to put pay to Covid figures among others. What does one do when the memory is ready to pack up? Francis communicates the
point well in some of my investigative email questions: "you transform in an empty box...we ARE memories it's undeniable!"

It is like that - life is a blur, because the present is at best a memory, since memories are about dream or goal meeting,
and fantasy becomes secondary. Memory loss is rife with grief, and that is presented emotionally on "Boke". Especially
that track, which closes the record. The music sounds like it comes from a very faraway place. A bit like Bvdub's, and his
recent record "Ten Times The World Lied" on Glacial Movements, of similar ilk. Directionally but not genre wise, the sombre
feel of Massive Attack tracks with Tracey Thorn and the like. Those have a similar emotional trippy poignancy to them.

In its palette spectrum, much ground is covered, painting in cool blues, treading miles upon miles in a dead body's shoes.
That lifting of a classically trained surfeit, Francis working with many musicians over the years, now producing his own
material most of all, has never sounded so comforting in my own rough time with with coming to terms. I can tell you now,
"Boke" is destined to be a quiet memory in the back of your mind for years to come. It, like a blur, will wait for you.

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