Sleaford Mods

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another one:

firefinga Wrote:And here is the official video:

...and Statto bought the 7inch single of this (yeah I stalk Statto on discogs)
Music critic for the Tally Ho
firefinga Wrote:...and Statto bought the 7inch single of this (yeah I stalk Statto on discogs)


(15th June 2015, 08:22)firefinga Wrote: yeah I stalk Statto on discogs

I've hidden my collection now – I keep getting pestered by people wanting to buy things Grumble
Quite like that.
(14th August 2015, 10:08)Statto Wrote:
(15th June 2015, 08:22)firefinga Wrote: yeah I stalk Statto on discogs

I've hidden my collection now – I keep getting pestered by people wanting to buy things Grumble

Too bad, I like checking out other peeps collections... it gave me ideas on what to look for or I found interesting records listed. However, I never bug people to sell me stuff if they don't list it specifically for selling.
Music critic for the Tally Ho
went to see Invisible Britain last night...

Mods on Jools Holland...

and my mate's just emailed me to say that we first saw Sleaford Mods five years ago today

doesn't time fly

Don't they have a new album out?
Music critic for the Tally Ho
yes indeed
and a bus advertising it driving around nottingham Smiley
Drayton Manored
Plug my phone in, ta
I'm fuckin' spannered
You have that last can, I'll
Put my shoes on, order me a car
Fallin' out as it drops me off
A trip to Spar is like a trip to Mars
just back from seeing Bunch of Kunst, a rockumentary about Sleaford Mods

Smiley Bluesmiley
Mockumentary you mean.
i don't mean to sound indifferent, but sleaford mods just sound like a couple of pikey morrissey wannabes. i mean wow, you can produce tunes, so what, we're all beautiful humans, we're all geniuses at some point or another, the force passes through, but you don't need to crap all over yourself and revel in the smell of lyrical faeces. the lyrics are crap, you have potential, but you choose to cliche until you run out of bog paper. they're unilaterally negative. they're about crap subjects. is that not the point, that talking about crap things makes one crap? not really. being crap is just an excuse. this is the problem that plagued punk music since 1968. punk is a circus act. because punk, and all the trendy "mods" that came after it, are some of the biggest sheep known to man. 

why? being grimy and grim about ABSOLUTELY MOTHERFECKIN' EVERYTHING is not being anti-establishment, it's just being the hippopotamus sized hipster in the room. you're not saying anything big or clever. you're just saying "i don't care". you're all being dickheads, in other words. since when did society need even more ironically happy-clappy self-loathing, brigadeering to drag it down? you're a response to flower power, are you? even hip hop has more personality than you. i've been very tolerant of this thread and the nice humans that post in it, especially statto, who i know loves sleaford mods, but really, i'm at the end of my tether with them, and i cannot hold in my distaste for this sociological abomination any longer. that they choose to collaborate with liam howlett, who might as well be uberwanker liam gallagher, of the prodigy really marks them out as the "condoms, fag ends and vomit" of the post-punk world that beckett's j majik satirical slam was in 2004's sc quadrannual reviews (see quotation). i'm pretty pikey myself, i come from maidstone for crying out loud. that does not mean i have to wear sick on my sleeve though, does it. 

honestly, "jobseeker" is the only tune my mods that has held up over time, as respectable, and that's only because of self-demonising them.
"no-one's bothered". Xyxthumbs
some people think mods are great, other people think mods are atrocious shit

one thing they're not though is "morrissey wannabes" Icon_razz
the Artist Taxi Driver meets Jason from Sleaford Mods

Xyxthumbs Hahaha
This one is for Statto. I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, but it turned up in my twitter feed as a retweet from a musician I follow. Hahaha
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Elgin Marbles, inspired! Lol
seems the average price this goes for is about £180

I should really think about selling my copy, shouldn't I

Im just messimg with you Hahaha

Or maybe i am pissing on an elecdeals fence Chin


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