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It's just bizarre that they're getting so much press.


Here's a few of my favourite tracks anyway...

I think they are a breath of fresh air in all fairness. Not so much music-wise, bc despite being ok/decent, it's somehow new waveish. But, they are definitley getting it right lyrics- and attitudewise. Just by telling it how it is, by refusing to subscribe to the hipocrisy regarding "it's all great let's be happy" mood-totaliarism of late-capitalist society.
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more on Mods:

i get it

better than The Fall? Chin

^^ dude tweaks a lot hey?

makes ya think. heh.
+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:better than The Fall?

ask me again when they've been at it for 40 years Wink

They always seem to have a drink close by don't they?

Beware the Binge Phantom

Take out half the over-blowing expletives and you've got a good article.
Muttley Wrote:Take out half the over-blowing expletives and you've got a good article.

the expletives are part of it Smile
I didn't say they weren't, just if in the contextual position of VICE, which I always heard was a bit of a shit magazine, they stand out and become quasi-ironic comedy.

"Jobseeker" is good in this nature, as it throws up a lot of questions about the questionable attitude of a lot of jobseeker people. It'd be pointless without it.
Like this lyric: "Jobseeker, can of Strongbow I'm a mess, desperately clutching onto a leaflet on depression, supplied to me by the NHS" - the NHS treat depression in most cases, and depression exists in people anyway whatever system they subscribe to. So it's quasi-ironic; I just hope most of their listeners actually see it that way.

I bought that track and "Tweet Tweet Tweet" from the singles collection, the only thing I've checked, for £2 - the rest I found a little tired.
Sleaford Mods and Prodigy collaboration:

According to this newsbit here:

the track, bearing the title "Ibiza", is supposed to be on the forthcoming Prodigy album. Meanwhile, a new Sleaford Mods EP is sheduled for November 2014.
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Statto will either a) like it, b)hate it or c) be indifferent Lol

I have to say I like that song...

In any event, it will make Sleaford Mods known outside of music nerd circles Grin
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I like it Smile
firefinga Wrote:

^^ unfortunately for peeps outside of the UK, that tune might just remind us of a more rockin version of "Parklife"

And here is the official video:

Music critic for the Tally Ho


Definitely light on music video budget, those two Hahaha
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