Kruder & Dorfmeister K&D Sessions

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One of the true classics of the 90s, IMO, has FINALLY been released digitally as individual tracks as opposed to the CD which was mixed. Up until now they've only been available on vinyl and that fetches quite a pretty penny on Discogs.
I'll be honest, I was quite Willynilly yesterday when I saw this, so perhaps some of you will be too.

Nice one..yeah I have the CD, but it's definitely frustrating being mixed together.
Thanks for the heads up Granny's other grandson Xyxthumbs
While there are a couple of cheesy coffee table moments on these mixes, I agree the music is up there with the rest of the classic 90s sounds. I wouldn't say there's anything brilliant or experimental about it, it just managed to be clever enough to capture peoples attention and was compiled very well. Richard Dorfmeister used to play a lot of these tunes when he first appeared in London. I remember hearing Bug Power Dust somewhere and thinking how much better than the original it was.
The K&D Sessions were indeed an iconic release for the late90s sounds as in 1995 onwards. I didn't pick it up back then actually bc it was mixed. I never liked mixed xompilations and still don't !
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firefinga Wrote:I never liked mixed xompilations and still don't !

quite right
yes, this is a masterpiece!
when you compare length of tracks on CD and this digital release, lengths are same, digital release has 3 bonus tracks, thats only difference!
i think you can buy only those 3 tracks, other is same as CD release!
Epically Epic! Might have to dust mine off for a listen now. That whole early !K7 catalogue was really nice.
Nicolette, Rockers HIFI, Dj Cam, Smith & Mighty, Thievery Corp, Kid Loco, and anything by Tosca were some of the highlights of that era for me.

Kruder & Dorfmeister Live at AB - Ancienne Belgique (30th anniversary show) - November 2023

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:00 Kruder & Dorfmeister: Johnson
00:06:05 Depeche Mode: Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session)
00:13:07 The Doors: Riders On The Storm (K&D edit)
00:17:25 Kraftwerk: Musique Non Stop (K&D edit)
00:20:51 Haft: Denic (Lukas Endhardt Acid Reflux)
00:24:24 Thornato: Gaita Gaita
00:27:15 Kiryll & Redford: Superstition (Lukas Endhardt Remix)
00:30:35 Count Councellor: Celine (bootleg)
00:33:55 Jean Paul Gavri: Les Dance (bootleg)
00:41:13 Monolink: Running
00:45:28 beatsbyhand: Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) [feat. Kali Mija] [Atmos Blaq & Chymamusique Remixes]
00:50:52 Elvis Presley: Fever (K&D edit)
00:58:22 Kruder & Dorfmeister: King Size
01:01:40 Kruder & Dorfmeister: Holmes
01:03:00 Kruder & Dorfmeister: Swallowed The Moon
01:04:21 Kruder & Dorfmeister: Morning
01:06:20 Kruder & Dorfmeister: Don Gil Dub
01:08:10 Kruder & Dorfmeister: Dope
01:10:26 Adam F: Circles (Pola & Bryson bootleg)
01:14:45 Netsky: Everybody Loves The Sunshine
01:18:29 Culture Shock & Sub Focus: Recombine
01:22:09 Interlude
01:23:17 Nu: Who Loves The Sun (Depart Acoustica)
01:27:08 Jacques Lu Cont: Innervision
01:30:32 HUGEL, BLOND:ISH & Nfasis: Tra Tra
01:34:49 J Balvin & Skrillex: In Da Getto
01:39:14 Peace Orchestra: Who Am I
01:41:52 Tosca: Fuck Dub pt. 1
01:43:47 Alex Reece: Jazz Master (K&D session)
01:45:49 Rockers HiFi: Going Under (K&D Session TM)
01:47:59 Lamb: Trans Fatty Acid (K&D session)
01:49:50 Kruder & Dorfmeister: Deep Shit, Pt. 2
01:51:16 Sofa Surfers: Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Edit)
01:52:52 Bomb The Bass: Bug Powder Dust (K&D Session)
01:56:37 Count Basic: Speechless (Drum 'N' Bass) (Encore)
I was listening to the K&D Sessions last week; still really fucking good!

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