Fave cover versions & reinterpretations of..

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i have a few.

first.. amazing. still.

i'm not a fan of Radiohead otherwise, but this is cracking, i must admit.

^^ and yes, that Residents cover is great! Smile i concur.
remember when GvsB covered this?

Not an expert on Cover Versions at all, but every now and then I stumble across one I happen to enjoy.

Here is an example:

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okay, if we're doing Eleanor Rigby... Smile

I initially heard Nitzer Ebb "Join in the Chant" in the car when I thought of posting this thread.

Kevin Aviance covering "Join in the Chant" is kinda crazy too. and good.


I strongly recommend listening/buying this!!
I remember this making the rounds on music television (go figure, a bit over a decade ago when they were stillshowing music vids every now and then) just very shortly before the passing of Johnny Cash.

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^^of course. Smile

is anybody a fan of The Revenge?

dude makes great edits, reworkings of tunes & such. I guess you can count remix related works in this thread too.. reinterpretations right?

I heard the original of this @ work this week, I came to realise that throughout the decades, i somehow actually came to LOVE this song. i can get my life off of it.

The Revenge did a great edit of "Buffalo Stance", and like everything else he touches, it rocks!

i think this is dope.

more past brilliance from the mon Revenge.

if you've never had the pleasure.

Old favs of mine, Prong, releasing an album of covers.

more info here:


I've heard some bits of that one on a metal/rock/punk radio show I've been listening to for 20 years now (wow) this week an it was pretty good.

Here's the tracklist:

Prong, ‘Songs From the Black Hole’ Track Listing

1. ‘Doomsday’ (Discharge)
2. ‘Vision Thing’ (Sisters of Mercy)
3. ‘Goofy`s Concern’ (Butthole Surfers)
4. ‘Kids of the Black Hole’ (Adolescents)
5. ‘Bars’ (Black Flag)
6. ‘Seeing Red’ (Killing Joke)
7. ‘Don`t Want to Know If You Are Lonely’ (Husker Du)
8. ‘Give Me the Cure’ (Fugazi)
9. ‘Banned in DC’ (Bad Brains)
10. ‘Cortez the Killer’ (Neil Young)
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^^ nice. will check some of that out.

I've posted elsewhere, but Mark Kozelek is a man always deep in covers. lots to choose from.

a couple from the Red House Painters side of things from back when, "Shock Me" by Kiss, and "Silly Love Songs " by Paul McCartney.

Always liked this cover of (garage) rock classic "Louie, Louie", by the man himself Iggy Pop:

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This turns into..



I eat at this Chinese buffet place often enough to recognize the usual playlist they have on the system in the dining room. They most often play a mixed 90's pop R&B blend, lots of Usher, Destiny's Child, etc. Its fun to play "guess the 90's R&B hit" during the meal. lol. I ate there on Xmas eve this past December, and they were playing this really random lounge version release of all 90's hiphop & pop RnB hits that I had never heard before. It was getting more ridiculous & hilarious as the playlist progressed that nite. Very strange. ha.

At said Chinese restaurant, they play Adele a lot. In fact, both times in past recent visits, we ate while listening to the usual droning Adele on the system. See, I don't like Adele, she annoys me, but she does do an interesting & decent enough cover of The Cure's "Love Song" if you haven't heard it.

As an aside, I might rate Tori Amos at times. AND, she has been known to provide a vast array of cover versions during her career. Tori Amos > Adele. clearly.

this is kinda cute, in that Tori Amos kinda way. I just watched this while searching for Tori Amos covers as I post. Smile Tori Amos, still aloof as ever.

i just heard the standard, Fine Young Cannibals, Buzzcocks cover in the car a few mins ago. I'm not sure i I like the original lp FYC recorded version that I hear on the radio sometimes.  It is an unique enough cover that has always been around, I'll give that credit.  

this live version isn't bad tho. the original is heaven. as ever. Smile  

(14th July 2015, 05:33)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: the original is heaven. as ever. Smile

I like The Residents and I like James Brown.

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Dub Side of the Moon

this is rather GREAT.

Raw Power aka. Mark Arm, Duff Mckagan, Barret Martin, Mike McCready

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