Moby on his beginnings...

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Can't help it, I always liked the guy....

Nice history lesson from Moby:
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Nice, thanks!
Yeah ditto. 'Porcelain' is a classic, as is '18' as a whole album. 'Go' is also special, whereas 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?' goes to the core of human intent.
Hardcore will never die:

Loving the video desc too lol
(14th September 2016, 15:17)girth_maul Wrote: Hardcore will never die:

Loving the video desc too lol

Indeed a classic Xyxthumbs
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World of Wonder recently posted their Moby interview on their "Night Fever" podcast, October 2021. Is it a rather great listen!
I totally forgot about Moby's open Christian stance when he was first breaking big in the early 90's. He explains the chaos of it all.

Stonefilmsnyc youtube channel have been doing extensive hardcore punk interview retrospectives. The channel also featured Moby on their NYHC Chronicles interview podcast in 2020.

I listened to this last night.

0:11-5:15 - Stella Maris
5:15-9:30 - Snowball
9:30-16:13 - Memory Gospel
16:13-20:45 - The Broken Places
20:45-27:30 - Separation
27:30-32:45 - The Come Down
32:45-37:44 - My Beautiful Blue Sky
37:44-46:40 - Last Night
46:40-50:06 - Isolate
50:06-52:22 - When You Are Old
52:22-55:41 - A Seated Night
55:41-1:04:55 - All Visible Objects
1:04:55-1:08:51 - Rio
1:08:51-1:10:57 - Guitar Flute & String
1:10:57-1:18:21 - Chord Sounds
1:18:21-1:34:15 - LA13
Moby gives a lesson on how the Disc Jockey was born and the major players that made the art form popular. He’ll also reveal his inspirations and how his interest in DJing came into focus. Moby gives Lindsay an intro to DJing and covers the basics of the turntables.

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