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Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Ministry, Pigface, Finitribe, etc) has been doing stuff in recent years with his Cocksure project, based out of Chicago. Some of the stuff isn't bad. I'm a general fan of Connelly related stuff for the most part. Jason Novak from Dj Acrucrack (Chicago) also in on the Cocksure stuff. Decent collab, imo.

The Cocksure "Tko Mindfuck" 2014 release also was key in resurrecting Wax Trax! Records as an active label again. 





Thomas P. Heckmann... now there's a man with a discography! 1991 to the present. GO LISTEN TO IT ALL. Smile

EBM, techno, acid, early trance.. you name it.

I first heard the 1993, Drax "Phosphene" release in the the B-side intro of a local gabber mixtape back in the day. GREAT track! Fitting for this thread as well. Nice to hear it again! 20 + years on, Drax "Amphetamine" is clearly one of the most remixed techno tunes around. heh.




"..Thomas P. Heckmann pulls out the monstrous Electrocomp EML 101 for the latest episode of his Devil's Kitchen series on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Despite being originally marketed and sold to the educational market, this American built semi modular synth was a go-to machine for the likes of Patrick Cowley, Skinny Puppy, Foreigner and more.."

Fascinating vintage gear series with Heckmann huh?? Icon_razz  Worth subscribing to. heh. 

"..Thomas P. Heckmann goes deep into his Devil's Kitchen on the latest episode of his series on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Watch as Thomas demos the iconic Bee Gees Rhythm Machine by Mattel. Originally produced in 1978 as a children's toy for Bee Gees fans the legendary Kraftwerk turned this little machine into a piece of electronic music history.."

You can find the more obscure, earlier Front Line Assembly (Vancouver, BC) lp's and diy cassette releases posted about on youtube. THAT is great! Props to "Cannabis 420 State" for the youtube uploads. Appreciated.

Recommended listening.

"Total Terror" - 1986
"Nerve War " - 1986
"State of Mind" - 1987
"The Initial Command" - 1987

A1. 00:00 Total Terror
A2. 08:51 A Decade
A3. 13:54 Rebels In Afghanistan
A4. 19:11 Eternal
A5. 22:53 Developing Suicide
A6. 27:37 Black Fluid

B1. 30:34 Falling There
B2. 35:01 All You Do
B3. 39:18 Seeing Is Believing
B4. 43:51 Empty Walls
B5. 48:35 Enemy Number One
B6. 52:49 On The Cross

A1. N-29 0:00
A2. Staahl 7:24
A3. Contraversy 11:53
A4. People 17:30
A5. Certain Style 23:22
A6. Power Of 29:02
A7. Oppression 35:00

B1. Front Line 41:03
B2. As Of You 46:19
B3. Give It To Me! 51:27
B4. Shadows 56:20
B5. Take 2 1:00:08
B6. Overcome 1:07:08
B7. Excile 1:13:19

01. 00:00 First Reprisal
02. 05:23 Consequence
03. 11:01 Burnt Soul
04. 13:46 Testimony
05. 19:14 Landslide
06. 24:01 Terminal Power
07. 29:51 Malignant Fracture
08. 34:10 Eastern Voices
09. 39:40 Resistance
10. 43:51 Sustain Upright
11. 49:00 No Tomorrow
12. 53:48 And They Shall Bow

I like hearing the rawer, less standardized, Front Line Assembly, pre-1989 era, where the sounds were still developing, a bit more open ended. Prior to 1989, the tunes weren't set as the standard EBM infuences that future Front Line Assembly releases after 1989 have very much turned into.

Whether good or bad, there's soooooooo much music, and bands from over the decades that are basically either Skinny Puppy, or Front Line Assembly tributes. Bad because, specifically, much of my own disdain for "ebm" (particulary ebm with vocals) post early Front Line Assembly eras was, and has been created via an extremely cliche, and derivative niche.  I grew up listening to this stuff, so my ebm tastes are entirely formed, and compared to the local sounds I was hearing back then as a kid from FLA, Skinny Puppy, etc.

1988 saw Wax Trax! Records picking up distro and releasing a couple FLA releases, including the "Gashed Senses & Crossfire" 1989 lp. Still a bit frayed around the edges back then.  Worthy of a listen if you like anything related in this thread.  Xyxthumbs

Contrasting old with new.. of course!

I like some of Youth Code's (Los Angeles, CA) stuff. Including the Youth Code, FLA remix.


[Image: a0245568024_10.jpg]
More on a gritty electro tip, but worthy of dropping in an "ebm" convo imo.

via Anti Gravity Device releases - Tokyo, Japan. Nice label to watch. Smile



[Image: a4287231109_10.jpg]
This Kretz (Stockholm, Sweden) stuff is fiyah!



[Image: a1623041396_10.jpg]
[Image: a2023972222_10.jpg]
[Image: a3770544071_10.jpg]
Kode lV - aka Peter Ziegelmeier (Belgium / California)

Interesting Belgian ebm roots with releases dating from 1989, later head of early US psy-trance productions & label in San Francisco throughout the 90's into the 2000's.

I like the early Kode lV sounds. Good finds. Smile

Unhuman - "Unhuman", November 2016



CW/A - 1212/DEHEX [ Parachute Records ]
Lag - Applied Mechanics [ Singularity Recordings ]
Unknown Artist - Zero ID 2 [ Zero ID ]
Rebekah - Orbital [ Mord Records ]
Unknown Entity - Peripheral Visions (Lag Remix) [ Unknown Entity ]
Tadeo - The Medusas Attraction [ Non Series ]
Dj Boss (DOLEGATE Records) - Zakruta [ Audio Assault ]
Sedvs - Brace Of Shakes [ Bare Hands ]
UVB - Lying In Your Face [ Body Theory ]
Christian Wünsch - White Coats (Function Remix) [ Tsunami Records ]
The Horrorist - Wire To The Ear [ Neue Heimat ]
Luka Baumann - Feast [ Unreleased ]
Tobias von Hofsten - Swinger [ Mechanisms Industries ]
Brother From Another Planet - Planet Earth (ANFS Dub) [Unreleased]
John Cage - 4'33" [ Onement - one-copy LPs ]
Habits of Hate - Limelight Roles (TSVI Edit) [Whitelabel]
UVB - Breach Of Trust [ Body Theory ]
Sawf - Stispilia [ Vanila ]
Makaton - Defiler (Repeat Offender Mix) [ RSB ]
CW/A - Endings [Whitelabel]
New Cocksure joint


[Image: a4171952295_10.jpg]
Kangarot - Asheville, North Carolina


[Image: a2191640772_10.jpg]
DIESEL DUDES (Oakland, CA) .. get down and do some push ups!

love the ebm piss-take parody, kick ass tunes to boot! brilliant, looks like great fun live, i must say.  Xyxthumbs

PUMP that iron!    https://dieseldudes.bandcamp.com/

[Image: a1058012569_10.jpg]
Zex Model aka. Paul Von Aphid (Russia) had some interesting stuff going. Unfortunately, it seems the man has recently passed away in September, 2016.

r.i.p Lighter Thanks for the music!



[Image: a2433127028_10.jpg]
Various Artists - "Konfabulation" lp - October, 2016

Dedicated to the memory of Paul von Aphid, aka Zex Model (1990-2016)


[Image: a1279493553_10.jpg]
Iron Sight - "Hurt Locker", December 2016


[Image: a0701639027_10.jpg]

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