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"..Det Kätterska Förbund, consisting of the two giants dominating the Death Industrial world - Thomas Ekelund (Trepaneringsritualen) + Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412) - has been slowly and methodically working for almost 5 years to finish the first album of this double-headed abomination. Patience richly rewarded."

Sierra - Paris, France

"See Me Now" e.p, January 2022



Tracks -

00:00 - 02:50 : SIERRA - Unreleased track.
02:50 - 06:59 : SIERRA - Hide (Cover)
06:59 - 10:48 : SIERRA - Origen
10:48 - 14:00 : SIERRA - GONE
14:00 - 17:15 : SIERRA - Unreleased track
17:15 - 21:20 : ALEX AND TOKYO ROSE - Affliction ( SIERRA REMIX )
21:20 - 25:30 : NABTAA - Dance and fight ( SIERRA REMIX) / Unreleased track
25:30 - 29:03 : BROOK LINE - Arrival ( SIERRA REMIX )
29:03 - 32:35 : SIERRA - A cold night
32:35 - 35:38 : SIERRA + HIPPO AND THE JACKET - Unreleased track.
35:44 - 39:14 : SIERRA - UNBROKEN

BOTNEK - Touch me
CORVAD, NAMESIS - World on Fire
K?D - Polluted Blood
PRETENCE, CABLE - Deadweight
FORMSHIFT - Think for Yourself
MAX BRHON - Humanity
ZAHIA, MATTEO TURA - Panther Moderns
MADEAUX - Mon Cher
SIERRA - Unpredictable
MATTEO TURA, ZAHIA - Dystophian Underworld
Moris Blak - Umbra (Second Phase)
PHASE FATALE - Velvet Imprints
CABLE - Cruel
Looks like I will be spending an evening with Front 242 in a few weeks. Who knew?

In anticipation, I'll look back into specific selections within the extensive, related catalogs with remixes, side projects and the like. There's a lot of music.

Cobalt 60, aka. Jean-Luc De Meyer, Dominique Lallement, & Robert Wilcocks, releases from 1996 to 1998, both French and English lyrics.

Of the two albums released, I like the cold, production and variety on Cobalt 60, "Twelve" lp, from 1998. There's metal flourishes, jungle, breakbeats, and generally more, aggressive upbeat tunes. An interesting listen, if only to hear an electro industrial / ebm exploration of other, then contemporary electronic styles and song writing arrangements. It all makes sense to my ears, and very much in tune with current, rock, industrial releases kicking about. The melodic tunes stand out, to Front 242 standards even. "Twelve" is a fun listen.


Fantastic, darker ambient release from Patrick Codenys & Daniel B, aka. Art & Strategy

(21st March 2022, 03:24)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Looks like I will be spending an evening with Front 242 in a few weeks.

In what sense? Smile
^^ they're playing a local, smaller club show next month. A more intimate affair by 242 standards for sure. There's a local industrial / ebm / live electronic promotion crew in my area, I guess this would be their first, post-covid affair (?), original 2022 shows this past February cancelled (... covid restrictions lifted in my area March 1), then all of a sudden 242 is playing the club next month. Wtf. I bought tickets within minutes of finding out. Smile I might even wear sunglasses in the dark club to fit in with the band, lol. I read that Daniel B doesn't do much of the touring version of the band, he is 67 yrs old right? heh, I guess we'll find out.

Daniel Myer / Haujobb remix & collab.

^^ I like that tune. I hear it on the radio often. I hear it as more of an 80's freestyle oddity. Perhaps? ha

I like the b-boy energies here too.

Unfortunate 242, De Meyer health news. Cancelled Belgium shows this week.


Perhaps they won't be doing their NA tour dates this month? I guess we'll see.
(4th April 2022, 04:24)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: ^^  I like that tune.  I hear it on the radio often. I hear it as more of an 80's freestyle oddity. Perhaps? ha

certainly odd that it got to no.1 Eek
Official April 5, 2022, Front 242 post:

Dear All,

It is with great regret and sadness that we must postpone the April 2022 Canadian/US tour, due to a recent medical situation concerning our singer Jean-Luc DeMeyer, deeming him medically unable to travel. More information will be available via social media in the days to come.
We are just as disappointed as our fans, very much looking forward to the tour, but please see NEW 2022 DATES for the spring shows below.*

- Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Smalls Sept 09 (NEW DATE)
- Columbus, OH Skully’s Sept 10 (NEW DATE)
- Calgary, AB Dickens Oct 13 (NEW DATE)
- Edmonton, AB Starlite Oct 14 (NEW DATE)
- Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Oct 15 (NEW DATE)
- Quebec City, QC Imperial Bell Oct 19 (NEW DATE)
- Montreal, QC Fairmount Oct 20 (NEW DATE/VENUE)
* All Toronto tickets will be refunded at point of sale. New date/venue announcing soon.

Jean-Luc would like to thank you for the many messages of support he has received these last days. This goes straight to his heart.
Front 242 is grateful to you all.
The Prodigy, JG Thirwell, Underworld, & The Orb, Front 242, 1993 / 1995 compilation remixes listed here


Rhythm Of Time (Messengers Of Neptune mix by The Orb)... fantastic! All of The Orb remixes are great.

You can hear the general 242 influence in Underworld after hearing their remix.

AIBOFORCEN (Belgium), 2018 collabs with Jean-Luc Demeyer, and a crackin Daniel B. Prothese remix

NEW Statiqbloom, industrial techno, ebm lp, released via Sonic Groove.  Nice to hear his vocal sample works spliced within, a nice contrast to previous, full vocal Statiqbloom releases.

"Threat" lp, April 2022

Fade Kainer, from his industrial doom metal roots, power electronics, ambient, to current Statiqbloom, recommended as usual.  Xyxthumbs


Theologian, Batillus, Still Life Decay / Inswarm (NYC), featuring Fade Kainer, 2004 - 2012 releases

Theologian, Inswarm, Love is Nothing collaborations with Jarboe, so good.




Fantastic live vid of Jarboe, featuring Inswarm as backing band.

Statiqbloom remix of Del Judas (aka, Charlie Schmid - Brooklyn, NYC). Both Charlie Schmid & Fade Kainer, previously members of Tombs.

00:50 ID - ID
05:48 Bestial Mouths - Withiin (Rodney Anonymous / 7th Victim Remix)
08:23 Holon - And Then All Vanishes
12:00 Exhausted Modern - Apathy Eats You Alive
15:20 Mind | Matter - Meaningless Sentence
17:58 Yello - Lost Again (Extended Dance Version
21:45 Velvet May - You Could Never Drown
25:25 Alpha Sect - Your Ghost Lives In Me
29:00 DJ Hell & Italo Brutalo - People Under The Age (Undo Remix)
32:25 Cyan ID - Deadlock
35:20 ID - ID
38:25 Years Of Denial - Human You Scare Me (Silent Servant Remix)
41:10 Nordstaat - Chaos Reigns
45:00 ID - ID
48:10 Linea Aspera - Solar Flare
53:45 Black Dahlia - Trixie Mattel
57:20 Radikal Kuss - Ausser Kontrole
1:01:00 Boy Harsher - Come Closer
1:05:30 OAKE - Anhedon (Phase Fatale Remix)
1:08:50 Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devil’s Dancers
1:11:30 Curses - Surrender
1:14:50 Skelesys - Kill Me With Love (Unreleased)
1:19:45 Larionov & St. Theodore - Destruction Wave
1:23:50 Na Nich - Bias
1:27:00 ID - ID
1:30:15 Adrian Marth - Hypnotic Eyes
1:34:05 De Bons En Pierre - Frog Stoemp
1:36:20 Machino - Errores
1:39:25 TV.OUT - XTC
1:41:35 Terence Fixmer & Phase Fatale - Cigarette Glow
1:46:25 ID - ID
1:48:40 False Persona & Nite Fleit - Knocking
1:52:05 Interviews - Throat
1:55:20 ID - ID
1:58:00 ID - ID
1:58:58 Geometric Vision - Jelly Dream


01. Terence Fixmer – Even Horizon (Ostgut Ton)
02. Anthony Linell – Vision of the Imminence (Northern Electronics)
03. SC-164 – Walker’s Rights (Subapical)
04. CUB – Primitive Sleep (Downwards)
05. Umwelt – _Faceless Power (Voitax)
06. Silent Servant – Death of Decadence (Hospital Productions)
07. Front Line Assembly feat. Robert Görl – Eye On You (Terence Fixmer Remix) (Metropolis)
08. Marcel Dettmann – Metalloid (Ostgut Ton)
09. NX1 – BT2 (BITE)
10. Unconcious – Decadence in Your Eyes (Unreleased)
11. Fatal Morgana – (Imperial Black Unit Remix) (Unreleased)
12. Blind Vision – Near Dark (2nd Mix) (New Zone)
13. REKA – Diving the Innermost (BITE)
14. New Frames – We Go Public By Way Of The Net (Hands)
15. Max Durante – Molotov (Sonic Groove)
16. Tesox – Go Ahead London (Intensiv)
17. Thomas P. Heckman – Art Mechanique (Death Becomes Me)
18. Random XS – Give your Body (Delta Funktionen Remix) (Delsin)
19. Ecotone – Lust (Dame Music)
20. The Exaltics – The Hunch (Last Known Trajectory)
21. Buzz Kullz – Avoiding the Light (Avant!)

Black Agent - Seattle, Washington

"Industrial Ruination" lp, April 2022

cEvin Key has a May 2022 chat with Rhys Fulber & Bill Leeb.

I didn't know Leeb was a dj. Random moment in the interview when cEvin Key pulls out a 1983, Leeb cassette dj mixtape he still has.  Crazy.

Portion Control, "I Staggered Mentally" 1982 lp ... the first acid record? All Roland 303 & 606,  predating acid house, according to Fulber. 

First Skinny Puppy tune ever, "K-9". Alongside the vintage, 1980's Vancouver BC, industrial alumni photo discussions.

Nocturnal Emissions, "Viral Shedding" 1983 lp.. reissue via Mannequin Records 2019

Liaisons Dangereuses (Germany) self titled lp, 1981 


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