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Distortion Six "Torquetur" lp, March 2022

"Rive" e.p, April 2022


..Jul 8, 2022 Richard Jonckheere, legendary EBM pioneer and Front 242 founder, pays us a visit ahead of their 40th anniversary concert at Ancienne Belgique.

PLAYLIST (great set Richard!) :

0/ Apocalypse Now (00:00-1:26)
1/ La Düsseldorf - Ich liebe dich (1:26-7:30)
2/ Alan Vega - American Dreamer (7:30-11:50)
3/ NEU! - Für immer (11:50-15:38 )
4/ Camera - Affenfaust (15:38-20:48 )
5/ Suicide - Shadazz (20:48-25:05)
6/ Roxy Music - Virginia Plain (25:05-27:57)
7/ Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria (7" mix) (27:57-31:48 )
8/ Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator (31:48-36:16)
9/ Marie et les Garçons - Re Bop (36:16-38:46)
10/ Devo - Whip it (38:46-41:22)
11/ Monsoon - Ever so lonely (41:22-45:06)
12/ Time Zone (Afrika Bambaataa feat.John Lydon) - World Destruction (45:06-50:31)
13/ Divine - Native Love (Step By Step) (50:31-55:35)
14/ The Chemical Brothers - Got To Keep On (55:35-1:00:52)
15/ Soldout (Feat. GOOSE) - Do It Again (1:00:52-1:05:40)
16/ Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities (1:05:40-1:11:04)
17/ Human League - Being Boiled (Travelogue version) (1:11:04-1:15:08 )
18/ New Order - Ceremony (1:15:08-1:19:39)
19/ Joy Division - Transmission (1:19:39-1:23:10)
Wax Trax! Wednesday with Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys from Front 242 on 6/30/2021

Gaiden aka. Steve Stoll & Patrick Codenys.

The Front 242 gig a few weeks back was great! Apparently the last time they'll tour in Canada / US too, so definitely lucked out there in grabbing tickets when I did despite the original cancelled tour dates. Smaller, packed intimate club show, great sound, relentless bass, impressive visuals of course, the energy was crazy, and was very much needed. Putting things into perspective, Front 242, at their current ages, were certainly better than most rock shows I've seen. Refreshing even. 40 years on (!!), they would run a pretty tight ship right? Great to see younger & diverse audience members into the sounds as well. Rhys Fulber was the opening dj on a few of the 242 tour stops, including Vancouver, BC, & Montreal, Quebec. There were people screaming 242 lyrics back at the band like they were at a hardcore punk show. lol. That sort of caught me off guard, ha. Over all, a good time. I was a bit shell shocked in the aftermath of the gig to be honest. That energy was wild.

Front 242 playing their 40th anniversary concert at AB, Brussels on Friday 8 July 2022.

0:00:00 First In/First Out
0:06:40 Take One
0:10:41 Don't Crash
0:14:16 Funkahdafi
0:17:54 Generator
0:21:47 Quite Unusual
0:25:38 Soul Manager
0:29:35 Commando Mix
0:37:03 Red Team
0:40:32 Deeply Asleep
0:44:04 Operating Tracks
0:48:08 WYHIWYG / U-Men
0:52:07 Fix It
0:56:13 Headhunter
1:01:27 Tragedy For You
1:04:56 Moldavia

1:10:23 Until Death (Us Do Part)
1:14:55 Body to Body
1:18:49 Welcome to Paradise
"Being Boiled" from the Richard 23 set. Banger! "Fade to Grey" builds.. or visaversa?

Blu Anxxiety "Macabre", Halloween 2022 release. Rather 242 sounding. Hustler (NYC) "Uniform Fetish" remix. Good stuff.


Aurat - Los Angeles, CA

00:00 ¿Can You Hear Me?
03:21 ¿Can You Hear Me? (MVTANT Remix)
08:05 Waqt / Saach
11:36 Shame
15:52 Punish
21:11 333
24:48 Takleef


00:00 Aaghaz
02:41 Saanp
05:23 Nasha
07:37 Waiting For You
11:44 Rehem
14:47 Suno Na
17:56 Aana
21:09 Raat
24:47 Oh My Love
Iron Sight.  Always a pleasure 



Nice find. Great 1989 footage.

à;GRUMH... Live in Stockholm, Sweden 1989-10-15 – full concert

Intro 00:00
Ayatollah Jackson 00:45
Kill 06:45
Danger Zone 12:30
Hammam 18:15
Dog or God 24:22
Ommado-Weeii 28:23
New Fashion 31:50
Drama in the Subway 34:50
Discipline (Throbbing Gristle cover) 40:05
Fly, Nun, Fly 43:57
Penser et agir (Est-ce crime?) 48:17
Message from Sweden 53:40
Ich und meine Ananas (A cappella version) 54:45
Der Mussolini (DAF cover) 56:00
doens't really count as EBM but I've been listening to a lot of Fad Gadget recently

^^ Gadget had serious fans in the early western Canadian sounds - Psyche (Edmonton, Alberta), pre-Skinny Puppy related band, Puppy themselves, etc.

YO.. there's this!

Portion Control "Great Divide", very New Order in appeal.

As posted via Psyche's youtube channel.

Psyche, on local Edmonton, Alberta tv from 1983. A pre- Skinny Puppy, Dwayne Goettel whom was originally from Edmonton. SImilarly Puppy's, Nivek Ogre was originally from Calgary, Alberta.

As we speak, Skinny Puppy on their final tour.

I just watched this.

Laibach were funny. Backxwash gets a mention, cool. I'm generally a fan of specific Trash Theory youtube channel posts - depending on the focus, including this. Overall, this one isn't bad.

Pop. Dance. Grit. Camp. Industrial. Thrill Kill Kult. etc. I think it is important to mention Youth in so many eras of the topic, but Sherwood gets a mention.

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Musique Concrete, Tape Loops & Noise
04:09 1977- Punks, David Lynch & Metall Auf Metall
06:48 Daniel Miller, The Normal & Mute
08:08 Throbbing Gristle & The Birth of Industrial
11:20 Nurse With Wound & Whitehouse
13:36 Cabaret Voltaire & Clock DVA
16:48 Post-Punk Fusing With Industrial
19:05 DAF
20:58 Einstürzende Neubauten
23:54 Some Bizarre Records
28:16 Depeche Mode & Industrial in the Charts
30:39 Skinny Puppy & Electro-Industrial
33:11 Industrial Goings-On Elsewhere
37:30 Nitzer Ebb & Electronic Body Music
38:58 The Beginnings of Industrial Hip-Hop
42:20 Ministry & Wax Trax! Records
46:31 Nine Inch Nails & Industrial Becoming Pop
So, the local annual industrial / ebm festival has Nitzer Ebb in town playing an intimate club show this week. I was considering buying tickets but didn't follow through. I'm picky with my Nitzer Ebb moments, and I do prefer their outside collaborations to much of their later catalog for sure.  The event did sell out tho, so good on the local promotion group.

On the other hand, Skinny Puppy just announced a few more NA gigs for their final tour jaunt, and YES, I got tickets to the show in November. Hell yeah. Should be interesting.

Dj Slicing Up Eyeballs played this Ebb, William Orbit remix on his Darkwave radio show last weekend. Good classic Orbit remix from back in the day. "Backlash" William Orbit remix, via Mute Records, 1989. 


Blush Response, Bon Harris collaboration released earlier this year, April 2023. 

Djedjotronic, McCarthy collab via "Take Me Down", from 2018.  Solid remixes for the tune, a fave being the Broken English Club remix.

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