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Likewise, the entire "Mythmaker" 2007 lp instrumentals are available to hear on youtube.

While I'm not a fan of later Puppy specific albums in their entireties, I very much enjoy the instrumentals if & when. The details are addicting. 


Zex Model is missed.


Zex Model ‎– Mind Slaughter (Full Album - 2013)

01. Water Prison - 0:00
02. Damnation - 4:14
03. Filth - 7:19
04. Inverse - 14:10
05. Neurotoxin - 15:18
06. Kill - 19:52
07. Shining Blade - 23:22
08. Odyzzey - 27:57
09. Great Beast - 32:10
10. Lord - 36:01
Psyche, "Re-membering Dwayne" lp, 2010.

Tribute compendium to Dwayne Goettel's formative years, pre-Skinny Puppy, pre-1986, Edmonton, Alberta eras.

Soft Cell, Fad Gadget influence in effect.

Psyche - Re-membering Dwayne (2010)

Early, never-before-heard Psyche tracks created with Dwayne Goettel of Skinny Puppy!

Re-Membering Dwayne Goettel: Prior to joining Skinny Puppy, Dwayne Goettel was a member of the young electronic-horror act Psyche. Although Goettel and Psyche parted ways before any Psyche releases were put out, the masters containing Dwayne Goettel's performances were preserved in the Psyche vaults for years. Now, on the 15th anniversary of Goettel's untimely passing in 1995, Artoffact Records and Psyche have hand-picked the most interesting tracks to release Re-Membering Dwayne, the original Psyche-Dwayne Goettel sessions. The album includes material featuring Goettel, as well as remixes from Plastic Noise Experience, Controlled Collapse, Dead When I Found Her, and more! The booklet contains an unpublished photo of Psyche with Dwayne, excerpts from Darrin Huss' post-Dwayne diary, and a new essay by Darrin reflecting on Psyche's past and the Goettel legacy. This collection is an absolute must-have for fans of Skinny Puppy, Psyche, and the early Canadian industrial scene.

01. Torture (Original Full Length Mix) - 0:00
02. Krieg - 6:09
03. The Crawler - 10:47
04. Eye Of The Hurricane - 12:56
05. The Crawler (Dead When I Found Her Remix) - 19:11
06. Screaming Fire - 22:57
07. Krieg Dub - 26:54
08. Torture (Alternative Mix) - 31:33
09. The Crawler Theme - 37:39
10. The Crawler (Plastic Noise Experience Remix) - 39:27
11. Eye Of The Hurricane (The Phantom Skies Remix) - 42:39
12. Cheated (Imaginary Life DVD) - 47:41
13. The Porno Song - 51:53
14. Torture (Remix By Controlled Collapse) - 59:14
15. Nightmare (Torture Remake) - 1:02:56
16. Fragility (Tribute To Dwayne) - 1:07:28

The Klinik - Last Show (live berlin germany 27.12.2014 - fullshow pro taped)

00:00 : credits
00:15 : cold as ice
06:32 : murder
08:25 : walking with shadows
12:52 : bite now bite
17:05 : quiet in the room
19:45 : black leather
22:40 : hours and hours
28:25 : mindswitch
32:45 : in your room
37:00 : pain and pleasure
41:18 : obsession
45:53 : sick in your mind
49:50 : moving hands
53:55 : memories
58:55 : lies

1:06:30 : brain damage
1:10:40 : talking to stranger
1:12:55 : go back
1:19:10 : surviving in europe
Akhet, "Akhet" lp, 2016 featuring The Klinik's / Noise Unit's,  Marc Verhaeghen.


Para, "Zentese" lp, 1990. 

Daniel Myer - DSTR DJ Set for Virtual Temple 6 - 2022


Health - Colors (The Soft Moon Mix)
Solvent - Loss For Words (Vector Lovers Remix)
Skelesys - Twisted Desire
Rob Insinna - Be Loved (Daniel Averys Divided Love Remix)
Pablo Bozzi - Broken Siren
Combichrist - Lobotomy
Disco Morato - Tredici
Yello - Desire
Booka Shade - Blaze with Jan Blomqvist (Through The Night Mix)
DSTR - Slowly Breathing Demo
The Acid - Creeper
David Bowie - This Is Not America (Virgin Magnetic Material Edit)
DSTR - Bad Kingdom with Lennart A. Salomon V1
Pablo Bozzi - Storm In Dallas
Skinny Puppy - Testure (12“)
Front 242 - Quite Unusual
Nomenklatur - The Fourth Kind
DJ Tennis - Repeater
Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia (The Full Horror)
Covenant - Go Film (Soft Version)
The Chameleons - Sekond Skin
^^ Industrial kitties exist. That studio cat has heard some things over the years.


Joey Blush is a member of Front Line Assembly as of late.  Perhaps I'll witness the man in action at the March 2024, Ministry, FLA, Gary Newman gig.

"In Exile" e.p, December 2023.  Also his personal gear highlights of 2023 run down. 



Ministry, Gary Numan, Front Line Assembly show tonight...

SO good. Listen, Gary Numan is IT. Really impressed with his live show. Great performer. Heavy industrial / electronic style rock for sure, well place atmosphere, definitely fits in with the synth roots for sure. Highlight of the night definitely. He can burn circles around any new, younger, electronic rock bands now. In all seriousness. Recommended. I wasn't expecting any of that.

Didn't see Joey Blush on this Canadian tour stop. FLA.. awesome energy. Once again, I'm not very fond of recent production on specific FLA releases, BUT LIVE it is fantastic! I think that is sort of the point in live industrial rock / ebm - it really is made for live systems. Production will always shine through in a live setting. Live & digital drum programming alone on a huge sound system AND including a killer visual / light show, all bands tonight have been doing it for decades right? Well done. Rhys Fulber was doing a live PA set for the after party but I wasn't able to attend.. ,my early morning work hours and all. I'm sure Rhys will be back locally again. Their set included a live drummer, some drum pad work outs, live guitarist Matthew Setzer who also played with Skinny Puppy for the 2023 final tour jaunt, and Bill Leeb of course still keeps the energy. Dance!


Yes. That's some LOUD action right there. "Thieves" was crazy. New songs don't interest me, as most latter Ministry stuff has always been "meh" to me in general, but LIVE.. hell yeah. Definitely delivers! Once again, live settings are where the expanse of the tunes shine, and I'm happy I heard the new stuff as it should be, ripping & blaring your head apart. ha. Gary Numan seemed to have more youthful energy than Al, so props right there lol. Ministry ended set with a Magazine cover of "The Light Pours Out of Me". Slick. I wanted to hear "So What" or "Breathe" but overall... good stuff! Visuals on point for sure too. Props on their videographer over the decades , whomever that may be at any given time. Relentless, and intense at the same time. Apparently Al wants to rerecord "Twitch" in the way he'd presently imagine the record to sound. Paul Barker still rumored to return for one more final album. Let's hope that comes through.

But yeah, Gary Numan. Much respect. His live set up is amazing. Well presented. Cheers!
Props to TJ Live Archive youtube channel for the February 27, 2024 San Francisco gig videos! Well done!


Everything Comes Down to This
The Chosen
Love Hurt Bleed
Is This World Not Enough
Pray for the Pain You Serve
My Name Is Ruin
A Prayer for the Unborn
Electro Aggression Records from Toronto, Canada.

Legit sounds. Dark electro industrial galore. Recommended. 

Kfactor from Brazil.. so good! 



NZM 99.. from France.

Selective blend of styles, trancey electro, ebm, & dramatic, doomy, techno. Would sound great live I'm sure. Nicely done. Liking his stuff no doubt. The live set is great!

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