Kimyan Law - Zawadi

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Is a brilliant Lp. Lovesmilie

I've skimmed some of the releases in the past. Today, I listened to the "Yonda" lp for the first time.

Yes, some amazing stuff. I like the African influences that come through, often accented with melodic details that make me think of maybe, minimal classical parallels even? Tribal dnb is a thing as of late for sure, but to hear it from a direct African perspective shows a connection to afrobeat in appeal. Its very interesting to hear those details within abstract electronics, or dnb. Also the darker feel to "Krieg (Biocidal Epitone)" is a lesson in itself.

Also made my way through the first few tracks from the "Emblem of Peace (4 EPS)" release. "Saphira" very much Detroit techno textures to my ears. Likewise, "Lubumbashi", gives me dubby, Carl Craig nuances. Good stuff.