Sample Packs From Subvert Central Related Producers

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I saw that a couple of producers have come out with their sample packs, and I want to gather as many as possible in this thread. I will begin to post links to 5 sample packs from ASC, Fracture, and Blu Mar Ten.

ASC Presents Experimental 170

ASC - Experimental Drum & Bass

Fracture - Cosmic Drum And Bass

JungleJungle – Free Sample Pack

Blu Mar Ten Sample Pack – Volume 1

Do you know of any else? Are there more sample packs from SC producers, old old skool or jungle heads? Sample packs with 90's types of breaks and sounds?
Breakage - Rolling Drum & Bass

Blu Mar Ten - Drum And Bass Vol. 7

Fracture Drum and Bass - Albino Presets

DJ Fracture presents Drum and Bass in Ableton Live
Macc did the Samplephonics / Noiiz Live Jungle Drums pack
Hyper On Experience - Jungle Warfare Vol. 1

Not directly related to Subvert Central, but any old school artist that made intelligent D&B back in the days is a subvert by heart in my books. Released in 1995 this still has gotta be the best D&B sample CD ever. Period! Samples off this library have even found their way into tracks of die hard drumfunk producers like Paradox and Fanu. That fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of the sample selection that Alex Banks and Danny Demierre put together for this release. Nothing short of an essential sample library for every serious head.

Polar - BiPolar Drum & Bass

I really rate Polar as a producer but this sample library was a disappointment. It's basically just construction kits constisting of processed loops that are more miss than hit most of the time.

Jamie Myerson - Drum 'n Bass: Journey to the Light

Here you can also find construction kits but this time I found the samples far more enjoyable than the Polar one. There's a section with single samples too (including rhodes, bass and synths) but the highlight is leaning towards the construction kits. The style of this CD is undeniably atmospheric and GLR influenced but one thing that makes it so special is that it set the bar for the "Techmospheric" branch of drum and bass that ASC would later develop on. It should not come as a surprise that ASC also sampled off this library.

There is a CD from 1996 titled "That Jungle Flavour" which I think was made by Bill Riley but it's more of a guess than fact. If we are not allowed to name D&B sample libraries made by no name producers then the list is pretty much finished.
I actually forgot this drum loops pack:

KJ Sawka - Live Drum & Bass Drums

I have never reviewed the full pack, but the demo loops sound really good and I personally would prefer them over the Macc drums. Sorry Bob.
These are not from Subvert Central related producers, but I wanted to post links to all of them.

Jungle Warfare Volume 1

Jungle Warfare Volume 2

Jungle Warfare 3

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