some photek interviews from Modus Operandi period

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I've always been intrigued by the beats photek was making in the 1996-97 period, so I've tried to collect any interviews I could find with info on the process he was using.

I thought I'd post the pdf's here. If you have any not listed here let me know!

muzik (7/1995)

DJMag (1996)

the wire (5/1996)

muzik (6/1996)

future music (7/1996)

the mix (1997)

the wire (5/1997)

muzik (10/1997)

keyboard mag (11/1997)

disquiet (1998 )

barcode (2008 )

future music (2/2011)

fact (3/2011)

fact (7/2012) part 1
fact (7/2012) part 2
nice one Twothumbs
nice one indeed,. I've likely read the contents of them all in one way or another, although I might revisit this thread in another ten years when i'm 39, so putting a photekian muttleymarked on it for now.
Thanks for compiling this. Greatly appreciated!
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Chuck D
There was an URB interview from the Modus Operandi period.

I don't have access to the interview, but interesting quote from Photek:
“I can’t get down and work on a track unless I’ve sorted out the drums first,” he told URB Magazine at the time. “I made about 200 breaks in the last year, and there have been probably about ten usable from that lot.”

This is referenced in this article:
Thank you qwanta for the uploads.