Having issues with Ableton and ASIO drivers

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Hi subverts, your resident nagger Muttley here. 

Having some trouble this morning with wiring my solid state synth model of Novation Bass Station and its presets into the ReWire facility of Ableton Live 8 Suite that I bought from dionysus for a great price here 10 years ago. Ableton is the bomb production wise. 

Ableton is my go-to suite, I know lots of the modular stuff and how it works, to some inside out, but me, I'm no expert. My main issue is:

1. ASIO drivers either need updating, and
2. I don't know now today where to get the ideal ones from, and or
3. The "non page located" type error is common with bluescreen dichotomy, and
4. None of this helps me find an answer to the root cause. 

The location of the problem:

Switching from MME/DirectX to "ASIO" in the help section/features menu of 8. Obviously new drivers are needed, it's occurred b4. 

Any help greatly appreciated. This is not an urgent issue, take your time. But it'd be good to use the Bass Station actively today. x M
It's more than likely I'll sort the issue out myself in the meantime - and then I'll tell you how I sorted it, and if it really was as easy as installing the right drivers. My issue is always "which" and "when", not "what" and "how". Anyone can learn how and what, even a dumb hick like me.
All sorted - thanks Macc for the tips.

Install "ASIO4ALL" driver from searching ASIO4all v2

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