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I've just searched for "Ableton" in here and came up to no threads explaining Ableton drumfunk techniques.

May I suggest this to be the one?

Besides that, surfing I've found that dgHon uses this DAW.

If I'm wrong and there are any other threads covering this topic just let me know.

Thx in adnvance
I have recently tried to get back into producing again, after long hiatus. The reason being that a lot has happened over the years related to the development of musical equipment, and that it financially looks a bit better to get the basics (so I won't be going down into the Eurorack abyss just yet).

Back in the days I tried out cubase, but I wasn't happy with that DAW and my setup. I felt that it was buggy and I couldn't connect everything, so perhaps it was a lack of knowledge of MIDI connections, signal processing and inexperience that made me feel this way. Anyway, recently there have popped up a lot of different DAWs, both free and paid versions, however, I'm leaning towards Ableton Live as my future DAW, because it looks suitable for electronic music, and I have reasons to believe that it may be easier for me to get everything up and running.

I tried SoundBridge just to try to hook up a few things yesterday, which made me think about CPU and RAM. What are the specs for Ableton and what type of RAM do I need (I reckon at least 16GB), CPU? (Intel?) etc.
Glad someone needs help, in this case Spectraz. I can answer the RAM question. Ableton Live v 8.0 required 6GB RAM computers or higher - not a lot. That is a reason many audiophiles like myself use it. Ableton all versions now requires a 64-bit system to operate. This means you need a laptop or PC estimably that is higher spec or built for production. Cubase Lite is an option hence.

Please feel free to ask more technical questions, I'm not always right but I do read manuals.
I do use Live, but don't do much drumfunk anymore these days. When I do, I think it's easiest to use audio tracks.

Coming from a tracker background (Buzz) I used to be pretty focussed on chopping the break into bits and putting those across the keyboard. i.e. c-3 = full break, c#3 = first snare and a couple of offbeats, d-3 = second snare, d#3 = hihat, e-3 = offnotes etc. then midi the hell out of those.

But this approach is pretty tedious, involves a lot of preparation and you don't SEE the audio - you just see midi notes.

So I prefer audio.

Just align the important hits (8th) to the grid (either by warping the loop in beats mode or moving those parts to the quantize grid) - then recombine 1 or 2 bars (CMD/CTRL+J) - add effects (Saturation, Transient Shaper, Compressor, etc.) and resample into a new track.
Then happily chop the beat using CMD/CTRL+E to split audio, changing the grid with CMD/CTRL+1/2 and move those parts around. If happy, just recombine the audio. Rinse and repeat.

If back in the days we had had these kind of possibilities, I would have been doing this shit all day long. Nowadays, meh. It's all been done tbh. Relistening to Macc's Mean Streets just the other day, I feel there's some kind of closure there. It's all been said.
Stranjah made a really good Drumfunk 101 from scratch, he uses Ableton Live

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