FL - Unconscious Voice

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a little 2m 30 sec reverbed and phased piano loop. Less is more. Enjoy.
request dl by commenting as such.


"Leopardspots" is my latest FL vignette. Works well on loop when going to sleep, pottering around the house, and whatnot.

If you think about it, you surpass yourself. If you churn it out, you disperse your wit to others. That's what "Devious Cheetahs: Putting Light On Their Spots", a FaceBook PDF blueprint, showed.

That was brain-stormed in 2006. FaceBook landed in 2007, thanks Mark Zuckerberg for blowing up your own version. Crackbook, indeed. Very addictive.

Well, if you use it for more than idle chatter.

New LP for us

Not expecting anyone to comment on this, so I'll just leave this here :)