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Every summer I tend to listen to a lot of Reggae, and at the same time research the genre and it's history. I have mostly been listening to dub over the years, but I have slowly started to broaden my horizons, and trying to find more classics and gems.

If you listen to reggae, then you essentially must read up on the Jamaican soundsystem culture, to understand the sound, techniques, and the genres setting from the pre-reggae days, up until contemporary reggae.

I have already got a list with the top Reggae albums of all time here:

Now I requesting recommendations in the following genres and aspects:

Pre-Reggae styles
  • Mento
  • Ska
  • Rocksteady
  • Early Reggae
  • Roots Reggae
  • Dub
  • Rockers
  • Lovers Rock
  • Dancehall
(Although I have not been fond of Dancehall, and Reggaeton, perhaps there are some Dancehall classics that are essential. I am looking for the more groovy sound rather than the hectic and bouncy sound)

Special Categories
  • Bass heavy Reggae (Classics and new)
  • Bass heavy Dub (Classics and new)
  • Summer Reggae
  • Current Reggae (New labels merging Reggae and dubstep production techniques, and artists such as Joe Ariwa, Ashanti Selah, Alpha Steppa and producers like them. I prefer the ones that come from a more traditional Reggae background rather than the to clean and digital dubstep sound)
  • Books on Reggae (On Jamaican music, Reggae, soundsystem culture and design, Dub, production techniques etc.)
  • Reggae music production (VSTs, sample packs, books, MIDI, tutorials, instruments etc.)

Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King - Lloyd Bradley

Dub: Sounsdcapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae (Music / Culture) - Michael Veal

Dub in Babylon: Understanding the Evolution and Significance of Dub Reggae in Jamaica and Britain from King Tubby to Post-punk - Chrisopher Partridge

Remixology: Tracing the Dub Diaspora - Paul Sullivan

Bass, Mids, Tops: An Oral History of Sound System Culture - Joe Muggs

Scientists of Sound: Portraits of a UK Reggae Sound System - Simon Jones

Tanya Stephens best of 90s - Early 2000s Hits Mix by djeasy


Tanya Stephens - From You Hot
Tanya Stephens - You Hot
Tanya Stephens - Goggle
Tanya Stephens - Gansta Girl
Tanya Stephens - One Style
Tanya Stephens & Lady G - Independent Girl
tanya stephens - short wuck
Tanya Stephens - Too Hype
Tanya Stephens - Big Ninja Bike
Tanya Stephens - Too Strange
Tanya Stephens - Rigormortis
Tanya Stephens - Draw Fi Mi Finger
Tanya Stephens - Cry & Bawl
Tanya Stephens - Serious Thing
Tanya Stephens - You're The Man
Tanya Stephens - Horny
Tanya Stephens - Part Time Lover
Tanya stephens - freaky type
Tanya Stephens - Wok Dat
Tanya Stephens - Yu Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet
Tanya Stephens - You'Re Freak
Tanya Stephens - Shetengae
Tanya Stephens - Handle The Ride
Tanya stephens - rose garden riddim-
Tanya Stephens - Mi And Mi God
Tanya Stephens - You Don't Know
Tanya Stephens - Big Heavy Gal
Tanya Stephens - Weather Change
Tanya Stephens - I Bet You Miss Me
Tanya Stephens - Gonna Find Someone
Tanya Stephans - After You
Tanya Stephens - These Streets
Tanya Stephens - The Truth
Tanya Stephens - Cherry Brandy
Tanya Stephens - Cant Breathe
Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity
Tanya Stephens - Cant Touch Me No More
Tanya Stephens - Addiction
Tanya Stephens - Female Pimping
Tanya Stephens - Please Me
Tanya Stevens - T.a.n.y.a.

Collie Buddz - Hybrid lp - 2019


@Collie Buddz - 'Hold Firm' - 00:01
@commonkingsmusic - 'There I Go' - 03:57
@Jesse Royal Official - 'Ooh La La' - 07:20
@Dub inc - 'Resist And Fight' - 10:55
@THE ELOVATERS - 'Sensimilla' - 14:31
@The Movement - 'Alien' - 18:28
@NATTALI RIZE - 'One Love Is Action' - 22:36
@Anthony B - 'Chill Out' - 26:33
@SOJA - 'A Brief History' - 30:35
@Gentleman - 'Can't Stop The Love' - 34:35
@Ozomatli - 'Cholo Yardie' - 37:26
@Pepper - 'Change' - 40:29
@etanaVEVO - 'All In One' - 44:25
@Iya Terra - 'Monterey Sunshine' - 47:36
@Yellowman - 'Rise And Fall' - 50:50
@Mellow Mood - 'Unstoppable' - 54:48
@The Expendables - 'Bowl For Two (Cali Roots Riddim Remix)' - 58:13
@Arise Roots - 'Cali Love' - 1:01:13
@giantpandadub - 'Time And Reflection' - 1:05:10
@Bumpin Uglies - 'Mid-Atlantic Dub' - 1:08:35
@Mike Love - 'These Are My Roots' - 1:12:10

African Head Charge - Drastic Season lp - 1983

A1. 00:00 Timbuktu Express
A2. 04:40 I Want Water
A3. 10:46 Bazaar
A4. 15:58 African Hedgehog

B1. 21:37 Depth Charge
B2. 25:47 Fruit Market
B3. 30:51 Snake In The Hole
B4. 36:09 Many Generations

Mad Professor

Joe Ariwa

Ashanti Selah

Dennis 'Blackbeard' Bovell

Alpha & Omega

Steppas Records

Mighty Oak records

Amoul Bayi Records

Strictly Dub Records

Dub-Stuy Brooklyn


Studio One

Pressure Sounds

Dub Store Records

Reggae Archive Records

On-U Sound
Thanks for the recommendations +ToRMeNT+. "Off the Beaten Track" is one of the most bought Reggae albums at Bandcamp, and without having listened to any of their albums, they seems to be into experimental Dub reggae, or am I wrong? The Collie Buddz's album Hybrid might fall into the category of a newer sound that I am looking for. I have to give that album a go and listen to it.

Muttley, thanks for the mentioning Bass Culture (I already own it). Here's a list of books:

Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King - Lloyd Bradley

Dub: Sounsdcapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae (Music / Culture) - Michael Veal

Dub in Babylon: Understanding the Evolution and Significance of Dub Reggae in Jamaica and Britain from King Tubby to Post-punk - Chrisopher Partridge

Remixology: Tracing the Dub Diaspora - Paul Sullivan

Bass, Mids, Tops: An Oral History of Sound System Culture - Joe Muggs

Scientists of Sound: Portraits of a UK Reggae Sound System - Simon Jones
^^  Yeah,  African Head Charge, a fave of mine from back when for sure - very much initially experimental, post-punk in spirit and era, On-U Sound joints.  I got interested in Head Charge from an slight industrial angle.  Collie Buddz does his thing, production, you name it. Talented for sure.

I'm a long time reggae / dancehall fan as well, I grew up listening to it all before much of the dj specific musics I later got interested in.  I did radio back to back with a dancehall reggae selector from St. Ann, JA for years, in 90's to early 2000's, so I got to hear & was gifted MANY yard & sound clash tapes direct from JA during that time, so that large pocket of dancehall from that entire era is what I listened to quite a bit. Nice to dig up some of the sounds for sure, thanks for making the thread Spectraz!  Tanya Stephens, all day.  More to rediscover & share no doubt.     


Steely & Clevie - Ghetto Man Scank - Full Album Cassette Rip - 1990

CopyCat Riddim Mix 1997 (Steely and Cleevie) mix by Djeasy

1. Limited edition - General degree
2. Charlene - Red Rat
3. Worthless bugger - Lexus
4. Brag & boast - Alley Cat
5. No dance - Scare Dem Crew
6. Pathfinder - Screechie Dan
7. Pony - General b
8. Pharmacy browning - Delly ranks
9. Boo - Ghost
10. Aint no sunshine - Bushman

Reggae Dancehall 1980s, 1990s Best of Steely & Clevie By Mixmaster Djeasy


Cocoa Tea - Joker Loving
Ninjaman - Murder Them
Frankie Paul - Cassandra
Freddie McGregor - Loving pauper
Reggie Steppa - Drum Pan Sound
Lady G & Sugar Minott - Whole heap a man
Chevelle Franklyn - Good love
Foxy Brown - Baby Can I Hold You Tonight
Sanchez - Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely
Freddy McGregor - prophecy
Coco Tea - Flirty Flirty
Tiger - Ram Dance Hall
Singing Melody - Shower with your love
Wayne Wonder - Still say yes
Freddie McGregor - Stop Loving You
Richie Stephens - Spanish Harlem
Cocoa Tea - Love Me
Flourgon & Shabba Ranks - Shock Out
Anthony Malvo And Daddy Lizard - Take You To The Dance
Shabba Ranks - Woman Mi Run Down
Johnny P - Run down Woman
Gregory Peck - Oversized mampie
Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me
Garnett Silk - Love Is The Answer
Jack Radics- Unchained
Beres Hammond - Double Trouble
Jack Radics & Reggie Stepper - Guaranteed
Garnett Silk - Love Me Or Leave Me
Junior Tucker - Body I Want
Leroy Sibbles - Fatty fatty
Garnett Silk - All the woman I need
Tiger - Cool Me Down
Wayne Wonder - Baby You And
Junior Tucker - Under My Skin
Captain Barkey - Gun
Ninjaman - Heartical Don
Lady Patra - Gun Inna Panty
Chevelle Franklyn - No one in the world
Shabba Ranks - Can'T Do The Work
Johnny P - Can'T Wash And Cook
Foxy Brown - Fast Car
Bunny General - Love Mi Beverly
Cocoa Tea - Sonia come back
Shabba Ranks - Caan dun
Cutty Ranks - Grizzle
dirtsman - borrow man-vod
johnny p - nasty man-vod
Gregory Peck - Poco Man Jam
johnny p - father crab
Daddy Lilly - When Yu Si Wi Come
Reggie Stepper - Little Miss
Fretty (Fritty) - Bumpa
Cutty Ranks - Retreat
Capleton - Granny
Shabba Ranks - Trailer load a girls
Tiger - When
Wickerman - Worm
Snagga Puss - house color
spragga benz - say a prayer
Sad Sack - wap them
general degree - dweet sweet
spragga benz - girls hooray
don yute - hardcore
simpleton - matey cant test
Studio 2000 (Steely & Clevie) - Skettel Rhythm Version
Bushman - Call The Hearse
Screechie Joe - Hypie Typie
Spragga Benz - She Wrong
General Degree - When I Hold You Tonight
Buccaneer - Teddy
General B - Bad Inna New Clothes
Daddy Screw - Jump and Say Bey
Harry Toddler - Pure Gal
Elephant Man - Fight Over We
Red Rat - Good Boy
Goofy - Dog Bark
Degree - Signal
Goofy - Fatty Boom Boom
Red Rat - Work with it
Zebra - You
determine - dilly dolly
harry toddler - bad man nuh dress like girl
buccaneer - father joe joe
Mad Cobra - Certified Platium
Lexxus - Cook
Merciless - Cook War
Capleton - Stay Far From Trouble
Shabba Ranks - Ting-A-Ling
Powerman - Stone
Sasha - Kill The Bitch
General Pecos - Body Work Shop
Penny Irie - Matie
Baby Wayne - Mama
Cobra - Shot No Talk
Red Dragon - Clap Dance
Powerman - Miss, Kill & Bury
Ghost - Boo
General Degree - Limited Edition
Red Rat - Charlene
General B - Pony
Mr. Lexxus - Worthless Bugger
Capelton - Final Assasin
Scare Dem Crew - Done the Place
Spragga Benz - Shotter
Buccaneer - Kill A Sound Boy
Buju Banton - Probation
Zebra - Unfair You Know
Buccaner - We Owna Show
Beenie Man - Battery Dolly
Mr. Vegas - Haffi Get Da Gal Yah Feat. Sean Paul
Shabba Ranks - X Rated
Wickerman - Bad Weather
Red Rat - Spooky
Lexxus - Red Ya Now
I don't listen to a lot of reggae, but this was excellent...

Black Hart / King Tribes Sound - Brooklyn, NY

Diverse production & remixes in more extreme, contemporary styles, including some pretty ill bruk up, dancehall flexes as well. Good stuff. Really cool to hear a producer literally, & imo, successfully mashing a large range of current electronic, pop, hiphop, trap, grime, etc production styles. Clearly, mon isn't limited to genres, listens to & dissects everything he can.
Dancehall creates physical dance styles as we know and visaversa, inspired via original, classic era riddims, & contemporary pop cultures at any given time. Bruk up styles, from early 1990's to the present, it is interesting to watch the evolution if you have the chance.

Black Hart "Shell Weh Dat" riddim featured in the opening of the BSV GOD OF BRUK UP vid

David Rodigan interviews King Jammy - Capital Radio - April 1987

..Half hour interview. Jammy explains why he uses Steely & Clevie to build rhythms, gives details of his studio setup, reveals how much bass his Superpower sound is carrying & looks forward to playing against Arrows, African Symbol & Redman HiPower in the Big 4 sound clash in JA the following week..


Junior Murvin - Apartheid
Dennis Brown - We should make love
Nitty Gritty - Take me to that land
King Kong - Move insame
Pad Anthony - Gotta be strong

Dennis Brown - The exit
Wayne Smith - My lord my god

Nitty Gritty - Sweet reggae music
Super Black - Love sick
Dennis Brown - Too late
Mr Lee - This girl is my lover
Cornel Campbell - Unfair game
Lt Stitchie - Life goes on

Dennis Brown - Tracks of life
King Everald - Bad girl
Little John - I'm a lover

Nitty Gritty - Key to your heart
King Kong - You pack up and gone

Nitty Gritty - Cry cry baby
King Kong - Emmanuel road [brock rock stone]
Don Angelo - Kick up a dust

Nitty Gritty - Ain't my home
Wayne Smith - My sweet love

Nitty Gritty - Gimme some a your something
Junior Murvin - Mr Percy
Don Angelo - Reggae music we want
Mr Lee - Miss Mavis
Josey Wales + Admiral Bailey - Ballot box
Admiral Bailey - Nuh stop seh so
Frankie Paul - Let there be light

Nitty Gritty - Butter bread
Junior Murvin - Jack slick
Anthony Johnson - Dancehall vibes

Nitty Gritty - Run down the world
Junior Murvin - Cool down the heat
Don Angelo - Petty rober
Super Black - Dance hall night
Black Crucial - Christmas time
Echo Minott - Whip apeal
Richie Stephens - In the ghetto

Wayne Smith - Icky all over
Tonto Irie - Life story

Wayne Smith - E20
Tonto Irie - World best lover


Nitty Gritty - False alarm
Super Morris - One stop
Johnny Osbourne - In the area
Nitty Gritty - Good morning teacher
Patrick Andy - Come fi mash it
Super Black - We rule
Don Angelo - Fe me daddy
Pad Anthony - Ease on down the road
Youth Man - Mr Boss Man
Wayne Smith - Come along
Eccleton Jarrett - Give thanks & praise
Garnett Silk - Sen dem (King Jammy's special dubplate)

King Kong - Trouble again
Super Black - We ready fi them
Cocoa Tea - Death in the stadium
Major Worries - School day
Tonto Irie - No lover
Sister Charmaine - Wake up
Admiral Bailey - Right foot out
Admiral Tibett - Shame to see
Pad Anthony - More bargain

Nitty Gritty - Letting off steam
Al Campbell - Can't hold we
King Everald - Hung them
Junior Brammer - Them a mix up
Junior Murvin - Dance hall girls
King Kong - Move to the top
Admiral Tibett - Chase them Jah
Eccleton Jarrett - More rub-a-dub
Pad Anthony - Serious thing

Dennis Brown - Material girl
King Kong - Jungle man
Junior Delgado - No warrior
Super Black - Dance hall night
Don Angelo - Rosie
Al Campbell - Can't take the pressure
Little John - Clarks booty
Johnny Osbourne - If you a warrior
Leroy Smart - Crazy over me
Admiral Tibett - Advantage
Sister Maureen - If a no boops a toots
Peter Metro - Police in a England
Tonto Irie - Have to girlie girlie
Major Worries + Tullo T - Born fi do it

King Kong - Can't ride computer
Robert Lee - Come now sound boy
Nitty Gritty - Hog in a minty
Super Black - Mouth a massi Liza
Tonto Irie - It a ring
Junior Murvin - Jah took six days
Wayne Smith - It gets me stronger
Tonto Irie - Come we just a come
Junior Delgado - Run come
Don Angelo - Get it already
Little John - Memories
Patrick Andy - Computerised
Nitty Gritty - Zero their minds
King Everald - I've found love
Pad Anthony - In deh
Johnny Osbourne - No sound like we
Good modern reggae 

The Dublings
Laid Blak

Uninamise - NYC

fdm aka flex dance music, dancehall & bruk up origins.

very good.
NTS Radio - Uninamise Guest Mix for Endgame 12.14.16


Mvstermind x Uninamise - Spartan War
Uninamise - Pyramids & Colosseums
Uninamise x Mvstermind - Tale Of A Wolf
Epic B - Eazy
Klasick x Uninamise - You Ain’t
Uninamise - Robbery
Uninamise - The Weeknd Nights
Uninamise - New Waves
Uninamise - Walking Legend
The Weeknd - Party Monster (Uninamise Remix)
Mvstermind x Uninamise - Snitch
Uninamise - In Loving Hands
Uninamise Ft Hitmakerchinx & DJ Aaron - Drunken Piano
Uninamise - Man Of The Year
Uninamise x DJ Blue - Watch The Throne
Uninamise - Forever In My Mind
Older reggae Jah Shakha, The Wailers, Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Dub Trio, Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, King Midas Sound, Little Dragon, Ruby, Riko Dan.
Lila Iké is SUPERB!

So good.

Lila Iké Best Of Reggae MixTape By Ins Rastafari MixMaster [May 2020]

Tracklist promo :

1- Lila Ike - Biggest Fan
2- Lila Iké - Thy Will
3- Koro Fyah Feat. Lila Ike - Got it For You
4- Protoje Feat. Lila Ike - Flight Plans
5- Lila Iké - Sweet Inspiration
6- Protoje Feat. Lila Iké & Agent Sasco - Not Another Word
7- Lila Iké - I Spy
8- Lila Iké - Gotti Gotti
9- Tarrus Riley Feat. Lila Iké - Dangerous Waters
10- Royal Blu Feat. Lila Iké - Believe
11- Lila Iké - Solitude
12- Lila Iké - Believe
13- Lila Iké - Forget Me
14- Lila Iké - Second Chance
15- Lila Iké - Where I'm Coming From
16- Lila Ike - Burn Marijuana
Aural Candy- Six Feet Under [Polite Society]

Very good goofy white man reggae tune, a parodying of UB40 and 2tone.

[From "The Ballad Of Cheap Haircut L.P."]

Gavsborg - Quality Time Sound System

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