pressure release

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Hey Subverts! what a crazy time to be alive..!

Upped the mix I had last Thursday after a long work week, was one of those idgaf mixes where anything goes! some heat for the cold. check it here [Image: icon855.gif]

1. Decending Angel - "Insistent" (Nu Black)
2. Submerged - "110" (Ohm Resistance)
3. DJ Hidden - "Death at a Distance" (Outbreak)
4. Stealth & Stylus - "No Way Out" (Intasound)
5. Fanu - "Black Label" (Metalheadz Platinum)
6. Fracture and Neptune - "Custometone" (Astrophonica)
7. Ice Minus - "Trapped Nerve" (Ice Minus Recordings)
8. Evol Intent - "8-Bit Bitch" (Evol Intent)
9. Ram Trilogy - "Huggy Bear" (RAM Records)
10. Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix)" (Barcode Recordings)
11. Mc Cloud - Untightled
12. FFF - "Would D Think It's Smooth Enough?" (Myor Massiv)
13. ASC - "Fresh" (Offshore Recordings)
14. Sumone - "Love So Nice" (JungleXpeditions Records)
15. Dub One - "Culture" (Scientific Wax)
16. Nautilus - "Small Adventures" (Precious Material)
Enjoyable mix, Cheef!
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