MIX Free Soundcloud DL: "Destructive Mirror"

It's another Muttley thread; what, say what, ANOTHER one? Hahaha

Herro again. Not been on here much this last 12 weeks, I have to say, something similar to Omni ambient like AP Organism and Eschaton, for me a large change of medical dose, cutting the moodswing shit, here's the first transformed result. Wave


It's based on the differences between digestion and dispensary of the human body (the difference between stomach and lower tracts such as the intestine). Using one heavily edited multi tone patch, and the digitone type playing that is based on the treatment of an electronic synthesiser, "Destructive Mirror" seeks to muse on the application of digestion - and the dispensing - of dispensary waste. 

Recently I have been feeling a lot less pretentious, which definitely helps. I feel like I'm returning to a sense of less angry, silly impatient jaw dropping mental fuzz. In combination with this, my listening habits and music has changed to suit. 
What's the most new thing? Returning. Returning to ambient drone of the variety Enos and Budd have done. 

So, nothing "really" new here. That said, I'm also feeling generous to the large number of people who would not bet a collaboration with me would happen. In lieu of this, "Destructive Mirror" is meant to be deconstructive. Deconstruct and dissect the loops, however you feel. 
And remember to add your name on it and feel proud. Telling me you've sampled my stuff is not necessary. Otherwise, I would not have made this 25 minutes of amorphous drone free to download. 

For direction as to the download button: it's next to the audio waveform, along the "download", "share", "comment" connection that each track on Soundcloud has. This is not visually obvious - but it's there. 

So, if you like, tell me what you like about this, last few mohicans and mods of SC. I like it, but not too much. I think it's got potential as a lexicon album for sleep time.

Created: 15062021. 
Cheers Twothumbs - Michael

Part 2 - 306.2mb wav - 2 track LP, 55 min length, today.


Like the last track uploaded before this: 15062021, this is a free download with an updated subject matter: the difference between psychological ignorance (oblivion) and not caring, mentally, at all (also known as atrophy). Similar to ecstasy and entropic states.
5 minutes longer than the last dub (now 30 minutes), with a 306.2MB file size. Combined 550+MB.

As mentioned on Subvert Central and to The Wire team, free track. Recommended if you like: Leyland Kirby, Tim Hecker, Christian Fennesz, Stereolab, Gong.
These twin tracks production under the name Dredge.

You may be wondering, in a "hey it's me Troy McClure Lol "type way: what's the difference between Dredge, Longformacus and the short term alias Dangerous Pike? Well, it's all about texture (Longformacus is less abrasive drone), and depth (these tracks are less systemic and trite than typical ambient fare, which Dangerous Pike is all about).

It comes about as a maturing from wanting-longform, and actual maturity in production. I'm sure you could agree, anyone reading whose produced ambient and drone in the past, adding more normally means cutting the shelf life. Here I propose a sinewy heart to these cuts, which makes them, in the end, vestigious of a three-piece synthetic texture. Not necessarily all doom and gloom, not necessarily all jarring see Jarre; intent to revel within a three synthesiser magnate of density and rich hum.

As you could expect from this wordiness wishing for bullet points, the stuff is raw, heavily edited but unresting in its style. I will let you freely download these sad balloons and see what you think.






I like the basic synth sound and the change in the middle Xyxthumbs

Cheers 😊
For the inquisitive and whom have not been bored stiff by this Caretaker-esque rafts of intonations, track 3 is online at source.
For the faithful, it's 25 minutes long, and called "Derision".

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