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so.. why did you bring white supremacy up?

Details please.
Morrissey is a white supremacist, and I'm not a fan
ooooh. Is that what this is about? I thought it'd be a bit more deeper than that.
I'm not a fan of Muttley either, but we seem to make do. I digress.
To be honest, Muttley < Moz
You don't value my deeper opinions; so, it's none of your business.

Not to mention, mentioning the length has nothing to do with depth.

The longer the truth, the bigger the lie
I'm here to see you arduously destroy yourself!

"Never killed anyone; waits for his victims to kill themselves" - Enduser

Still you're the popular doper right?
Ethnic minority perspectives are vast. Colonialism, resilience, and such. Some of us aren't threatened by Cher.. i mean Morrissey. Dig? You pick your battles. Like.. here? lol.
I don't see the hype Muttley, you're a bit devoid of it. its a chop for me.
I know. I don't put up with Muttley's shit. Regardless of his excuses for the day. groan.
lol. I agree.  anyhooo.. thanks Statto.   Xyxthumbs
oooh a meaty crapper thread
beats are there to be broken
There was so much meat, I sent the Vegetarian order back and ordered a Guinness. A Guinness world record in listening to my new boss of a new week that nobody has lived before, in this magical new job of my psychosis independent imagination. Next up: making friends with Russell Brand.

I was supposed to sing "I'm still waiting" by Elton John's roadie crew or something, but they filed for slander for making Dwight's hair fall out, under stress because I thought he wore a swell vinyl wig.

Next up: "Black Or White, It's Alright" by Eric Cartman. We told Elton to sit this one out, because he needs his Snickers to fight off type 3 know, that new strain of Covid that causes early onset Hairzeimers?

Yeah... I'm not very good at this. But, at least I don't need to resort to playground insults because someone doesn't match the mood.

Hang up: now we all remember why most subverts don't use this forum any more!
"But, like, nobody has thought of that".
We don't have canned laughter here.
Off I go, setting myself up for it.
Needless to say, I had the last laugh.

:Partridge on parade: