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Today I introduced a friend to nothing in particular.
Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be playing with The Smith's.
pfft ^^ You and Morrissey clearly don't have friends. I call bullshit on that. Go cry yourself into a puddle of unused hormones already.
With that stud earring attitude, I'm very surprised for you to have friendship understanding in real life. Might as well be a bot, you egotistical turd.
Then again, you only paradrenalise bumping your own threads.
It was just a joke. How butthurt are you?
I used to do that - as a teenager. Then again, unlike yourself, I did it for the benefits of promoting others.

Keep it up, American.
^^ If you were Morrissey in the street in a special needs helmet, I'd still run you over. You are miserable, uninteresting and draining. Clearly.

You are a puddle of emptiness. The world doesn't need more covid. Piss off k?
I'm waiting..
still waiting.. make it good k?
For the will of God, not the ASC-esque "reject other Bookems, I sound like no one else", who tried to turn themselves into a non-SC elite the same year Deeper sounds Chris Hayes and "everybody's critics" Torment dragged his balls across this forum: generation gaps by intelligent forbearers are measured by decade.

You cannot become chronologically differentiated in under five years, it just doesn't happen.

I'm not here to argue, I post for a laugh.

That's the difference between you and I Torment; you pretend everything you say is new, and you'd rather cyberbully anyone who doesn't agree with your totalitarian, penis-envy thread sizes.

Not surprisingly, you were too busy for Dissensus, weren't you?

I don't hate anyone. Your "no friends" angle is a lot tired by now.

Jog on.
sigh. I'm forever disappointed in your lack of everything.

Do not pass go. You're not very good at this. But, we knew that already.
cyberbully.. dude. You're that insecure huh? But we knew that already.
Who's we?
You talk like your mum is in the room ?
I know, nobody hangs on this shit right? we.. the voices in your head? Keep the helmet on, you'll hit more soft spots if you don't. I'd ache more for your emptiness, but I'll go feed pigeons instead. They at least appreciate the puddles.
Thanks for Craigslist style disintegration of your sanity. It was enjoyable ? I'll feed pigeons though; they don't drink bile.
People actually do care on this forum. Or they did. You do not.
You could have been convicted of a hate crime by this thread.
But, you are just a petty, ridicule-waiving typical USA geek.
You're also more stupid and ignorant than I thought. I'll tell you now mong, schizophrenic patients last friend is negative voices.
Ever heard of a angry ex-poster called Mark Ashworth? Ha ha ha.
dude, you wear your shit on your sleeve. You forever set yourself up for it, not my doing, seems to be a routine right, right? In the end, don't be so needy. Is it that difficult to check yourself? I don't put up with it, sorry. Just my way. It'll continue if you want. I post to talk tunes. That's all. You're a bit.. invested? Different needs right. I don't value your keyboard energy. Cool?

But hey if you want to keep it up, I'm here. Nobody else is. lol. Yeah?
Frank Sinatra :ROFL:
Sorry um.. Muttley. I've just never valued who you are, or visaversa. And I'm ok with that. Are you?
Maybe you should go and take "the psychopath test".
Nobody with the self-centred, "get yourself a girlfriend" Partridgean bull that you speak could recognise their own self-righteous stupidity anywhere else.

If you make it back, I have a nice little question:

Do you know what white supremacy is?

I'm not waiting for your yesterday's news though

Hey, someone just gave me £200!
You're so silly. Entertaining? No. For this forum's sake, I don't take your shit. I never have, Never will. Deal with it. I'm at peace with it are you?

I'm just posting about meeting new people lately & getting hyped on sharing music.. like I always do. Right? cyberbullying.. please. On a forum where only 3 people regularly post, yer a little sensitive.. oh wait, that's your style - forever the vicitm right? ugh. Hella tired, new inspiration? Get some. Some people might not tiptoe around your.. presentation & frequent outbursts. I'm one of them. Make peace with it. Learn a bit.

Since you asked, as an ethnic minority I've dealt with notions of white supremacy, seems to be a part of colonial history right? You learn to deal with it. Why are you asking?

Muttley.. are you turning this into an Eric Clapton moment? If so, I'm curious why.


My coworker was listening to Spellbound yesterday. I thought it was great. My recent mornings have been ".. what are we going to listen to..?" with my new boss. After this year or more that we've been through, it is entirely refreshing. I used to listen to music entirely while working. I missed that. Smile Music, shared experiences, different perspectives & avenues, it wakes you up. Some people might not ever need to know who Jeff Mills is, but they can dig a Harm's Way remix or any other electronic reference they might be on at any time. 808's speak to many. Seems to be a thing.
I was a member of this forum before 2006.
Seems like you want to compete... Lol.
Here's an idea:
Remember telling introverts they are friendless?
Remember pretending every new person you meet likes you?
Remember telling me bass is stronger than my meds?

What the fuck is wrong with your brain.
And some people don't put up with your shit.  Hello.. I don't.  Wave Its not all about you, sorry.  compete.. like Eric Clapton?  What is this about?
Muttley.. Did you vote for Eric Clapton.. is that what I'm getting?
This argument started when, like the average humourless ignorant US toilet rag you are, decided to pretend you were Kevin The Teenager and had just turned 13 years old. Your events are not a problem; your shitty attitude to others humouring you is your Achilles heel and complete self portraiture.

I'm sorry you can't understand black comedy.
Then again, who on Earth are you to tell me, someone who Subvert and Statto respect for keeping SC support subscribing, wake up on cloud 9 with your "I just had sex" cringeiness?
Muttley, you're incredibly easy to prod. Its your schtick right? Tired, but..

What's this white supremacy thing about again?
Muttley, you brought up white supremacy here. You can't back out now.

So.. go on. Eric Clapton ..
Eric Clapton has as much to do with white supremacy as Kermit The Frog has on his anecdotal song "it's not easy being green".

It doesn't matter where the colour has been.

When Kermit thought it could be nicer, to be some other shade of Hillbilly Red flag like Eric Clapton and his band Cream, the Autumn leaves started to overtake the yearning for black and white, rich or poor...or, simply, wanting to be green.

The Green Party has a lot to answer for.
As a female friend from gardening said:
"You're in need to Kermit to it".